From the album The Drift (2006) The car in front follows the long way aroundPrey movesPredator movesForeshortened angels hunting me downHalle -- halle -- halleUnderkillSticks in guttersOverkillIs personalToo many bulletsRabbi craterKeyed for actionHits the marksI wish I was in DixieSleet switches silenceTo the shredding of larksSerifotCombs of honeyKellipotSaliva's coatingBalls of moneyYou and me against … Continuar lendo SCOTT WALKER – The Escape

IGORRR – Spirituality and Distortion (2020)

Gautier Serre (born June 5, 1984), better known by his stage name Igorrr, is a French musician. Under the Igorrr alias, he combines a variety of disparate genres, including black metal, baroque music, breakcore, and trip hop, into a singular sound. Serre is also part of the groups Whourkr and Corpo-Mente. In 2017, the Igorrr project became a full band with … Continuar lendo IGORRR – Spirituality and Distortion (2020)

FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS – Live at The Roxy 1973 [extras] ROXY - The Movie (Bonus content)Frank Zappa & The MothersLive at The Roxy, Hollywood, CADecember 10th 1973The first two tracks are from show #2, the third is from show #1 Tracklist: Pygmy Twylyte (duration 8:36)The Idiot Bastard Son 8:36 (duration 2:27)Dickie's Such An Asshole 11:02 (duration 9:47) Credits:Written-By, Music By, Performer, Film Director, Lead … Continuar lendo FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS – Live at The Roxy 1973 [extras]

MR. BUNGLE – Violenza Domestica (Found footage film)

Edición: Octavio SamaniegoEstilo: Found footage Cattivo come adesso non lo sono stato mai Ti farò male in posti che nessuno potrà mai vedere, nessuno!In posti che ti faranno male per il resto della tua vita! Perché?Ma perché (Perché fai così?)Ma sempre, sempre cosìGuarda!Ma senti! Ma, ma voglio dire che, cheMa io non sono una … Continuar lendo MR. BUNGLE – Violenza Domestica (Found footage film)

SCOTT WALKER – The Cockfighter

Tilt is the twelfth studio album by the American/English solo artist Scott Walker, released on 8 May 1995 and reached number 27 on the UK albums chart. No singles were released from the album. It was Walker's first studio album in eleven years. Walker composed the songs for the album between 1991 and 1992 except … Continuar lendo SCOTT WALKER – The Cockfighter


From the album The Drift (2006) "Milosevic couldn't care less if Bosnia was recognized" a laughing Dr. Karadzic later told a television interviewer. He said, "Caligula proclaimed his horse senator but the horse never took his seat." Polish the fork and stick the fork in himPolish the fork and stick the fork in himShinier … Continuar lendo SCOTT WALKER – Buzzers


From the album The Drift (2006). "Clara" refers to Clara Petacci, Mussolini's mistress, who was captured and executed alongside the Italian fascist dictator on the 27th of April 1945, just two days prior to Hitler's suicide. In late 2011, after five years of silence, Scott Walker returned to the studio. A new album from him … Continuar lendo Clara – SCOTT WALKER

MALDITA VECINDAD – Un Poco De Sangre / Ya Lo Pasado Pasado

Tengo en la vida por quién vivirAmo y me amanYa nunca más estaréSolo y triste otra vezEl ayer, ya olvidé, ya olvidé Maldita Vecindad, "Ya lo pasado, pasado" Poco de sangre roja sobre un gran auto nuevoPoco de sangre roja sobre un gran auto blancoNada mas bello ni mas lujosoTan poderoso como un gran … Continuar lendo MALDITA VECINDAD – Un Poco De Sangre / Ya Lo Pasado Pasado

DANNY ELFMAN – Insects Tiny insects in my hairTiny insects everywhereTiny insects in my pantsWatching insects make romanceInsects make me, make me want to dance (dance), danceThey make me dance (dance)Dance, dance (dance), dance (dance)Those insects make me want to Insects crawling all aroundInsects squirming in the groundInsects, gooey, squeaky, chewyShould I eat them? NoI'd rather stomp them, … Continuar lendo DANNY ELFMAN – Insects