Genetic – Human Impact the new single from Human Impact, released on Sept 23rd. Download or stream at "Forget about revisionist history As we rush headfirst Into revisionist futures. We always wanted a better life for our children. Now we can make better children for life." This new track is the follow up to the band's recent … Continuar lendo Genetic – Human Impact

DAUGHTERS – Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show) We had noise rock lunatics Daughters take over the back room at The Gutter, our favorite Brooklyn dive bar. More like an old-world religious service than a rock concert, the Daughters K! Pit has to be seen to be believed. Between leaping into the crowd, breaking lights, riding the audience members like horses, and … Continuar lendo DAUGHTERS – Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show)

Thieves – Ministry Thieves, thieves and liars, murderersHypocrites and bastardsHey thanks for nothing!Morals in the dustTwo-faced bastards and syncophantsNo trustThieves! liar!Inside, outside, which side, you don't knowMy side, your side, their side, we don't knowWhich side are they? which side are they?Which side of their mouth do you suppose that it came?Which side are they? which side … Continuar lendo Thieves – Ministry

A drug against war – KMFDM Television, religion, social destructionSex and drugs, violent seductionCrystal dawn, ecstatic explosionParental advice leads to mental erosionStronger than never ever beforeKMFDM is a drug against warLine after line, round after roundEmpty shells fall to the groundFaster than lightning, high as a kiteSonic bombardment brighter than sunlightNo need for needles, no injectionThe substance substitutes love and … Continuar lendo A drug against war – KMFDM

Thunder Kiss ’65 – White Zombie Well, sweet little sista's high as hell, cheating on a haloGrind in an odyssey, a holocaust, a heart kicking on tomorrowAnd a breakdown agony, I said an extacy in overdriveWe're riding on the world, Thunder kissin' nineteen-sixty.....five, yeah, wow!Five, yeah, wow!The demon warp isComing aliveIn nineteen-sixty...five, five, five!Livin' fast and dying young a like … Continuar lendo Thunder Kiss ’65 – White Zombie

Praise abort – Lindemann I like to fuck, but no French letterWithout a condom, the sex is betterBut every time I get it inA baby cries and sometimes twinsI have six kids and I don't like itThey eat too much and treat me like shitThey only wear Posh label clothesIf you give one hand, they bite off bothAnd … Continuar lendo Praise abort – Lindemann

Spieluhr – Rammstein Ein kleiner Mensch stirbt nur zum Schein Wollte ganz alleine sein Das kleine Herz stand still für Stunden So hat man es für tot befunden Es wird verscharrt in nassem Sand Mit einer Spieluhr in der Hand Der erste Schnee das Grab bedeckt Hat ganz sanft das Kind geweckt In einer kalten Winternacht Ist … Continuar lendo Spieluhr – Rammstein