Escape Artist – BILLY NOMATES {Verse 1}Train ride is ugly Iʼm feelin nothingYeah you're a pro 'cause it doesnʼt drag you round by your earsLike it does meTell you Iʼm envious of that ass kissing stamina of yoursWell I canʼt keep upBy Monday eveninʼ Iʼm on all fours {Chorus}Half dead by a Wednesday afternoonNothing remarkable says youNothing remarkable says … Continuar lendo Escape Artist – BILLY NOMATES

Flux (1981) – ROBERT TURMAN "Flux" is the 1981 debut solo outing of Robert Turman, an American multi-instrumentalist and avant-garde composer. Until recently, Turman was perhaps best known for his contributions to the ballistic NON project with Boyd Rice, as well as other obscured U.S. industrial acts such as Z.O. Voider.In the summer of 1981 Turman decided he would … Continuar lendo Flux (1981) – ROBERT TURMAN

The Beautifully Strange World of Outsider Music

Ordinary people invited to play music without any pretension of being musicians ('insiders' of the music craft). Unique. Hey everybody! Thanks for watching this video on "The Beautifully Strange World of Outsider Music". This is a topic that I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm glad I finally got around to … Continuar lendo The Beautifully Strange World of Outsider Music

Damião Experiença: o Mendigo do Planeta Lamma Curta-metragem sobre Daminhão Experiença, o Mendigo do Planeta Lamma, realizado por Jimi Figueiredo e Ricardo Movits.

Que Dor Eu Sinto – DAMIÃO EXPERIENÇA Essa música esteve presente originalmente no álbum "Planeta Lamma", de 1974 Letra: I Mecaiu! Bobi lei bissá bilon,Ê cidai, bê cigai! Lobi lina ibi sunboa quelôu sambilon.I Necai, i Nacai! Iloba simguera madefám bila bilô;Aisibilô, iprimenapilô! Guilina bari sinha adelô mimaplô.Ê Necai! Ibi olésssindea gueline maflina amêbinha maflô.Ai Lacai! Line-en milhea guhebine abilina amelo … Continuar lendo Que Dor Eu Sinto – DAMIÃO EXPERIENÇA


"The world without Elfmans, Walkers, and Pattons would be as boring as a zoo without hyenas." I’m So Sorry… There isn't time – for revolutionThere isn't time – to evolutionize or hideThose things most precious - Our most preciousThings that got erased, corrupted, infiltratedI'm so sorry – I'm so sorry I’m gonna try, I’m … Continuar lendo Sorry – DANNY ELFMAN

Dostoyevski – JOHN ZORN’s Song Project ft. Mike Patton @ La Villette Jazz Festival (2013) Sofia Rei : chantJesse Harris : chantMarc Ribot : guitareJohn Medeski : pianoTrevor Dunn : basseKenny Wollesen : vibraphoneCyro Baptista : percussionsJoey Baron : batterie

Ten Grand Goldie – EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN Übervaterlandverräter und MutterkornblumenblauHier kommen die Wüstentöchter und SchlangensöhneMeine Familie, haargenau Sie kommen von den DächernUnd sie kommen von unten heraus Und hier kommt Ten Grand GoldieWill she pay by card?Yes, here comes Ten Grand GoldieKisses and depart Mama, ist das so richtig?Kapit sa patalimAm BodenAm Boden zerstörtWould you like some tea? Here comes Ten … Continuar lendo Ten Grand Goldie – EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN