CHICO BUARQUE – Construção (1971)

Construção (1971) is the eighth studio album by Brazilian singer-songwriter Chico Buarque. It was composed in periods between Buarque's exile in Italy and his return to Brazil. Lyrically, the album is loaded with criticisms of the Brazilian military dictatorship, especially with regard to the censorship imposed by the government at the time. It is widely… Continue lendo CHICO BUARQUE – Construção (1971)


MASEGO – You Never Visit Me (live from Brazil / 2022)

Micah Davis (born June 8, 1993), known professionally as Masego, is a Jamaican-American musician and singer known for incorporating the saxophone into his music. Masego released two EPs in 2016, The Pink Polo EP with Medasin, and Loose Thoughts. He gained widespread attention with his collaborative record with FKJ called "Tadow" in 2017. In 2018,… Continue lendo MASEGO – You Never Visit Me (live from Brazil / 2022)


Antônio Pecci Filho (born July 6, 1946), better known as Toquinho, is a Brazilian singer and guitarist. He is well known for his collaborations, as composer and performer, with Vinicius de Moraes. Vinícius de Moraes (19 October 1913 – 9 July 1980), nicknamed O Poetinha ("The little poet"), was a Brazilian poet, diplomat, lyricist, essayist, musician, singer, and… Continue lendo TOQUINHO & VINÍCIUS DE MORAES – Como Dizia o Poeta

CHICO BUARQUE – Apesar de Você

"Apesar de Você" is a song written by Brazilian singer-songwriter Chico Buarque in 1970. The song, which implicitly approaches the suppression of freedom during the military dictatorship, was banned from being performed on Brazilian radio by the military government. However, it would be released eight years later, at the end of General Ernesto Geisel's government.… Continue lendo CHICO BUARQUE – Apesar de Você

Sabotage: Maestro do Canão [docvmentary] (2015)

Brazilian rapper Sabotage (1973-2003) opens up his mind in this documentary, unleashing his spontaneous, bold, profound verb. He talks about his childhood, leisure, thug life, inequality, solidarity, the past and the future. Exclusive imagery and testimonials by several musicians and people connected to Sabotage demonstrate the huge importance of a poet, lyricist and chronicler who… Continue lendo Sabotage: Maestro do Canão [docvmentary] (2015)

GAL COSTA – Live @ Pelourinho, Salvador (2007)

Gal Costa (26 September 1945 – 9 November 2022) was a Brazilian singer. She was one of the main figures of the Tropicalia movement, in the late 1960s and appeared on the acclaimed compilation Tropicália: ou Panis et Circenses (1968). Palco TVE Bahia offers a live performance by the late singer (R.I.P.), recorded in 2007,… Continue lendo GAL COSTA – Live @ Pelourinho, Salvador (2007)

MAÍRA BALDAIA & DJONGA – Ogum e as Ayabás

Maíra Baldaia is a singer-songwriter, actress, considered one of the most powerful voices of the new Minas Gerais scene and one of the representatives of the good and new crop of singer-songwriters in Brazil, presenting the feminine enunciation and Afro pop Minas Gerais as great forces in her creative work. Djonga (Belo Horizonte, June 4,… Continue lendo MAÍRA BALDAIA & DJONGA – Ogum e as Ayabás


Yamandu Costa (b. 1980) is a Brazilian guitarist and composer. His main instrument is the Brazilian seven-stringed classical guitar. Essa música tem uma história interessante: fui convidado para fazer uma participação em uma homenagem à Amália Rodrigues, na RTP Televisão Portuguesa. O diretor artístico, Pedro de Castro, querido amigo e grande músico português me… Continue lendo YAMANDU COSTA – Barco Negro

OS MUTANTES – Panis et Circenses (live in France, 1969)

Os Mutantes are an influential Brazilian rock band that were linked with the Tropicália movement, a dissident musical movement during the Brazilian dictatorship of the late 1960s. The band is considered to be one of the main groups of Brazilian rock. Heavily influenced by Anglo-American psychedelic pop, they bridged Brazilian sensibilities together with studio trickery,… Continue lendo OS MUTANTES – Panis et Circenses (live in France, 1969)


"Reza Forte" (Powerful Prayer) anticipates the new album, presented in 3 acts. Three words that merge, giving a new meaning and unifying the parts: OXEAXEEXU. The Three as a numeral symbolism, besides representing the sacred, opens the perception of reality as a different path from dualism, which has been the keynote of recent times. The… Continue lendo BAIANASYSTEM & BNEGÃO – Reza Forte