Friday night – Chinawoman   Past all the faces that i've known I see their smiles in black and white In the dark, friday night My friend we share a secret: Tonight the film is turning Our shadows flashing through the halls Through the stairwells Clanking bottles It's friday night And there are tears in my eyes My… Continue lendo Friday night – Chinawoman

I kiss the hand of my destroyer – Chinawoman In her eyes I'm drawn to the reflection of my demise My grimace on a screen one mile high My whole world on a plate for you to try Relationships are compromise I kiss the hand of my destroyer With love I watch her watch me cry How marvelous my house on fire Come… Continue lendo I kiss the hand of my destroyer – Chinawoman

Aviva – Chinawoman Aviva, Aviva Come on let's have a threesome Aviva, Aviva It's how our love must end In the night the telephone is ringing Someone is sleeping underneath our bed Secrets listen in on our conversations We know there's a boogie man in both our heads Let this love be what it wants It wants… Continue lendo Aviva – Chinawoman

Russian ballerina – CHINAWOMAN It takes ten years just to getYour stinking leg upThen five more to make itNot look like shit Soviet children form a crowdSized and testedWho will be a star Hero of passion of whom they'll sayShe took her final breath in grand plie O! My mother!Russian Ballerina! You were a swanBut now you're swimming… Continue lendo Russian ballerina – CHINAWOMAN

Party girl – Chinawoman It doesn't matter what you create If you have no fun Pretty girl, put down your pen Come over here I'll show you how it's done I can dance I can drink In the dark It's all a trick Across the room Across the street I'm in the moment Can't you see I'm a… Continue lendo Party girl – Chinawoman

Show me the face – Chinawoman Show me the face* Of the one I'll love Cause I've run out Of preconceived notions Show me the face Of the one I'll love Cause I've satisfied All my preconceived notions Show me the face Show me the face Show me the face That could break my heart next All of the ones I… Continue lendo Show me the face – Chinawoman