Slave to love – BRYAN FERRY Tell her I'll be waitingIn the usual placeWith the tired and wearyThere's no escapeTo need a womanYou've got to knowHow the strong get weakAnd the rich get poorSlave to loveoh, slave to loveyou're running with meDon't touch the groundWe're the restless heartedNot the chained and boundThe sky is burningA sea of flameThough your world … Continuar lendo Slave to love – BRYAN FERRY

Just an Illusion – IMAGINATION

Imagination was a British trio consisting of singer/keyboardplayer Leee John, guitarist/bassist Ashley Ingram and drummer Errol Kennedy. This was their 4th single and biggest hit in 1982, reaching #2 in the British charts, #7 in the German and #8 in the Dutch charts. The fantastic bassline is much imitated! Searching for a destiny that's … Continuar lendo Just an Illusion – IMAGINATION

Erro (Pseudo Video) – LUEDJI LUNA Parece enleioMas é enlaceEle me abraça de madrugadaEle me deixaSabor cervejaSabor cigarroMenta-hortelã Tem gosto sonho a sua bocaTua voz rouca no meu ouvidoNão faz sentido, não faz sentidoQuase um milagreSe é de manhãSe esvai nas horas Dorme comigoNão faz sentidoQuase um consolo da meia-noiteNão vá embora!É o que eu digoEle é meu erroQuase um … Continuar lendo Erro (Pseudo Video) – LUEDJI LUNA

Breakaway – IRMA THOMAS I made my reservation, I’m leaving town tomorrowI’ll find somebody new and there’ll be no more sorrowThat’s what I do each time, but I can’t follow throughI can’t breakaway, though you make me cryI can’t breakaway, I can’t say goodbyeNo I’ll never never breakaway from you, no, noNo, no, no, no, noNo, no, no, … Continuar lendo Breakaway – IRMA THOMAS

“Simone”, poema de Olga Lucía Betancourt Una Samba, un Bossa Novaun bolero, una nostalgia.Una vozempozada en la ternura,y la melancolía.En las palabrasque resbalan como seda,que se engarzan en la Músicay en el ritmo,como gemas.Una voz acariciante,con su risadetenida entre la infancia.Simone, con tus rizos seductores,como un marco-terciopelo.Simone…que perduras luminosaentre el blanco que te viste.La belleza espigadade tus pasos entre el … Continuar lendo “Simone”, poema de Olga Lucía Betancourt

Pra Nunca Mais Chorar – VANUSA

Lembrarei de Vanusa no auge, em forma, em ascensão. Descanse em paz, musa. Lala lala lalalaLala lala lalalaLala lala lalalaLala lala lalalaVem,Vem pra bem perto dos meus olhosVivo tristonha a te esperarViver pra sempre junto a tiOh Pra nunca mais chorarVem,Traz teus abracos pros meus bracosAs tuas maos quero beijarViver pra sempre junto a … Continuar lendo Pra Nunca Mais Chorar – VANUSA

Angel of the Morning – JUICE NEWTON There'll be no strings to bind your handsNot if my love can't bind your heartAnd there's no need to take a standFor it was I who chose to startI see no need to take me homeI'm old enough to face the dawn Just call me angel of the morning, (angel)Just touch my cheek before … Continuar lendo Angel of the Morning – JUICE NEWTON

God only knows – The Beach Boys I may not always love youBut long as there are stars above youYou never need to doubt itI'll make you so sure about itGod only knows what I'd be without you If you should ever leave meThough life would still go on, believe meThe world could show nothing to meSo what good would living … Continuar lendo God only knows – The Beach Boys

Simply beautiful – Al Green If I gave you my love,I tell you what I'd doI'd expect a whole lot of love out of you You gotta be good to meI'm gonna be good to youThere's a whole lot of things you and ICould doHey hey Hey hey hey Simply beautiful, simply beautiful, simplyBeautifulSimply beautiful, simply beautiful, simplyBeautifulSimply beautiful … Continuar lendo Simply beautiful – Al Green

Hindue Blues – Kevin Johansen It doesn't feel good, it doesn't hurtI can't explain it without wordsYou're like a sunrise, your like a sunYou're like the young bird that hasn't sungI can't look at youYou're so beautifulI can't look at youYou're so beautifulI can't explain it without wordsIt doesn't feel good and it doesn't hurtYou're like a young bird … Continuar lendo Hindue Blues – Kevin Johansen