Two weeks in a Virginia jailFor my lover for my loverTwenty thousand dollar bailFor my lover for my lover And everybody thinksThat I'me the foolBut they don't getAny love from youThe things we won't do for love I'd climb a mountain if I had toAnd risk my life so I could have youYou, you, you… … Continuar lendo TRACY CHAPMAN – For My Lover

TRACY CHAPMAN – Matters Of The Heart

Matters of the Heart is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman, released in 1992 (see 1992 in music). It was her first not to be produced or co-produced by David Kershenbaum. I lose my headFrom time to timeI make a fool of myselfIn matters of the heart We should have been … Continuar lendo TRACY CHAPMAN – Matters Of The Heart

MIKE PATTON’S MONDO CANE – Live at Teatro Caupolicán – Chile (2011)

Mondo Cane is a 2010 album by Mike Patton. Featuring a forty-member orchestra and fifteen-piece backing band, the album contains a series of cover versions of 1950s and 1960s Italian pop music. Patton conceived of the album while living in Bologna, and became attracted to music he heard on the radio featuring pop singers backed … Continuar lendo MIKE PATTON’S MONDO CANE – Live at Teatro Caupolicán – Chile (2011)


From the self-titled album (1988) No words to sayNo words to conveyThis feeling inside I have for you Deep in my heartSafe from the guardsOf intellect and reasonLeaving me at a lossFor words to express my feelings Deep in my heartDeep in my heartLook at me losing controlThinking I had a holdBut with feelings … Continuar lendo TRACY CHAPMAN – For You


Uma canção presente, feita para Dayo, primeiro filho da cantora Luedji Luna, junto com o Mc pelotense Zudizilla, em comemoração ao seu primeiro ano de vida. A música é de autoria de Luedji Luna e a Marissol Mwaba, com participação especial do pai da criança. Quem assina a produção é o hit maker Nave Beatz, … Continuar lendo Ameixa – LUEDJI LUNA & ZUDIZILLA

FICTION FACTORY – Feels Like Heaven (live @ Top Of The Pops 1984)

Fiction Factory foi uma banda escocesa de new wave formada na cidade de Perth, em 1983. O single de estréia da banda, "(Feels Like) Heaven" alcançou o Top 10 da parada britânica. A banda encerrou as atividades em 1987, após o lançamento do segundo álbum, mas Patterson, Medley, McGregor and Jordan se reuniram em 2011 … Continuar lendo FICTION FACTORY – Feels Like Heaven (live @ Top Of The Pops 1984)

VAN HALEN – Love Walks In

From the album 5150 (1986) Contact is all it takesTo change your life to lose your place in timeContact, asleep or awakeComing around you may wake up to findQuestions deep within your eyesNow more than ever you realize And then you sense a changeNothing feels the sameAll your dreams are strangeLove comes walkin' inSome … Continuar lendo VAN HALEN – Love Walks In


From the Inevitable album (1995) Eu desejei a uma estrela "Envie-me um amanteI wished on a star "Send me down a lover Não quero nenhum outro tipo de amor. "Don't want any other kind of love." Desejei a uma estrela "Salve meu coração da tristezaWished on a star "Save my heart from sadness Salve … Continuar lendo SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS – Wished For You

RHYE – Live @ Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris)

Le premier à se lancer sur la piste (d’atterrissage) de Passengers ? Rhye ! Au début un projet en duo, Rhye est aujourd’hui resserré autour de la figure de Mike Milosh, musicien et chanteur originaire du Canada. Seul aux commandes, Mike Milosh développe une electro influencée par la soul et le funk. L’artiste prend pourtant … Continuar lendo RHYE – Live @ Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris)

LOVAGE – Anger Management

Nathaniel Merriweather Presents: Lovage - Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By (2001) My inner demons compel me to be hereYour cheeks are flush like rose petalsYou're consumed with rage but I'm consumed with you Our eyes intertwine through the hazeIntoxicated by your bloodshot stareIn all of my dreams I never thought … Continuar lendo LOVAGE – Anger Management