Age of the Spaceborn (2017) – COSMIC REEF TEMPLE Band: Cosmic Reef TempleAlbum: Age of the SpacebornType: Full-lengthReleased: June 16, 2017Genre: Atmospheric Metal | Stoner Rock | Doom Metal | Experimental | Psychedelic Doom Metal | Psychedelic Black MetalCountry: United States (Santa Cruz)Label: Transylvanian Tapes 1. Ancient Orbital Dance 00:00​2. Lunar Swell 9:59​3. Inverted Desert Worship (Part III) 29:27 Line-up: Guitar - Wave … Continuar lendo Age of the Spaceborn (2017) – COSMIC REEF TEMPLE

Vivalavida (1999) – CARNIVAL IN COAL

Musically absurd! Outrageous! Carnival in Coal is an extreme metal/avant-garde metal band from France. Founded in 1995, the band mixed death metal, black metal and other extreme metal genres with genres such as easy listening, disco, and pop. Originally, Carnival In Coal signed to and released their debut album through the now-defunct French indie label … Continuar lendo Vivalavida (1999) – CARNIVAL IN COAL

Hallowed be thy name – CRADLE OF FILTH I´m waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chimeReflecting on my past life, and it doesn´t have much time´Cause at 5 o´clock, they take me to the Gallows poleThe sands of time, for me are running low…Mother fuckers!Running low…When the priest comes to read me the last rightsI take a look … Continuar lendo Hallowed be thy name – CRADLE OF FILTH

Igorrr 🇫🇷

Gautier Serre (born June 5, 1984), better known by his stage name Igorrr, is a French musician. Under the Igorrr alias, he combines a variety of disparate genres, including black metal, baroque music, breakcore, and trip hop, into a singular sound. Serre is also part of the groups Whourkr and Corpo-Mente. In 2017, the Igorrr … Continuar lendo Igorrr 🇫🇷

Wester Vespertine – Cradle of Filth Today was spent in languor Drifting through the fold As midsummer vent its clamour In cobbled streets a thousandfold I bore cruelty from the sun The jewellery that it hung About me, God it stung Like life's betrayal Now shadows lengthening Hear the nightside sing The promise of delightful things to come Wester Vespertine … Continuar lendo Wester Vespertine – Cradle of Filth