THE KIFFNESS – Na Miolakolaka Ho Aiza Ianao (The Kiffness Live Looping Remix)

Zaza Kanto means "magnificent child" in Malagasy, the language of Madagascar.  It is also the name given to a group of eight boys in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar.  They make their living by singing for small change in the streets. Original Video here : Donate to Zaza Kanto here:



BaianaSystem is a musical project initiated in 2009, in the city of Salvador, Brazil, aiming to experiment with new esthetic approaches to the guitarra baiana, which is commonly linked to the culture of trios elétricos (parade trucks) and their traditional axé music, soundtrack to the street carnival of Salvador. The project concept is to use… Continue lendo BAIANASYSTEM, TROPKILLAZ, DOG MURRAS, VANDAL – A Mosca

SNOOP DOGG – Crip Ya Enthusiasm

Snoop Dogg hits the metaverse with new music video “Crip Ya Enthusiasm”, a parody of Larry David's Curb your Enthusiasm (HBO). A Snoop song called “Crip Your Enthusiasm” is the cultural mashup you didn't know you needed... [+] Another episode of a Doggy Dogg tale, you know me wellYou know I'm coming by the… Continue lendo SNOOP DOGG – Crip Ya Enthusiasm

COOLIO – Gangsta’s Paradise

"Gangsta's Paradise" is the highest-charting single by American rapper Coolio. Interpolating Stevie Wonder's 1976 song "Pastime Paradise", and featuring American singer L.V., the single was released on August 1, 1995, and ten days later it was heard in the film Dangerous Minds. Certified Platinum in October, the song was included on Coolio's second album Gangsta's… Continue lendo COOLIO – Gangsta’s Paradise


Yes, we can! "Can I Kick It?" is a 1990 song by American hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest, released as the third single from their debut album, People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990). The song, which has a call and response chorus, was recorded in 1989, when the band members… Continue lendo A TRIBE CALLED QUEST – Can I Kick It?

DJ ZINC – Ready or Not (remix)

Benjamin Pettit (born 12 March 1972), better known as DJ Zinc, is a British DJ and record producer. Zinc first became known for 1995's "Super Sharp Shooter", a hip hop/jungle fusion, notably one of the pioneering jump-up anthems of its time. He went on to produce drum and bass, breakbeat and more recently UK garage… Continue lendo DJ ZINC – Ready or Not (remix)

The Computer Chronicles – MIDI Music (1986)

The Computer Chronicles is an American half-hour television series, which was broadcast from 1983 to 2002 on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) public television and which documented various issues from the rise of the personal computer from its infancy to the global market at the turn of the 21st century. Special thanks to for… Continue lendo The Computer Chronicles – MIDI Music (1986)

THIRD BASS – Pop Goes The Weasel

"Pop Goes the Weasel" is the best-selling single from hip hop trio 3rd Bass; it appears on their second album, Derelicts of Dialect (1991). Released a year after the ill-fated Cactus Revisited E.P., "Pop Goes the Weasel" instantly became a hit and soon went gold. The song helped the album reach gold status a month… Continue lendo THIRD BASS – Pop Goes The Weasel

SOHO – Hippychick

Soho was an English musical trio, consisting of identical sisters Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cuff and Pauline Cuff, with producer Tim London (also known as Timothy Brinkhurst). Other members of the group over the years have been Liam Gillick (now a well-known artist – Gillick also contributed on turntables and drums at Soho's early gigs), Eds Chesters… Continue lendo SOHO – Hippychick