PRIMUS – Tommy the Cat

From the album Suck On This (1989). Well, I remember as it were a meal ago...Said Tommy the Cat as he reeled back to clear whatever foreign matter,May have nestled its way into his mighty throat.Many a fat alley rat had met its demise while staring point blank down,The cavernous barrel of this awesome… Continue lendo PRIMUS – Tommy the Cat

CONCRETE BLONDE – Heal It Up (live on Jon Stewart)

Concrete Blonde was an American alternative rock band from Hollywood, California. They were initially active from 1982 to 1995, and reunited twice: first from 2001 to 2004, and again from 2010 to 2012. They were best known for their album Bloodletting (1990), its top 20 single "Joey", and Johnette Napolitano's distinctive vocal style. Feeling… Continue lendo CONCRETE BLONDE – Heal It Up (live on Jon Stewart)

PETER GABRIEL – Sledgehammer

The official Sledgehammer video in HD. Directed by Stephen R. Johnson, produced by Adam Whittaker. Claymation, pixilation, and stop motion animation provided by Aardman Animations and the Brothers Quay. Sledgehammer was the first single from the multi-platinum selling album So (1986), the first of Peter’s studio albums to have a proper title and a watershed… Continue lendo PETER GABRIEL – Sledgehammer

Mike Patton’s “Falling To Pieces”: torn between Mr. Bungle and FNM

In an interview, Faith No More's producer Matt Wallace remarks that “during The Real Thing, Mike Patton was still not 100 percent committed to Faith No More, and this is my own reading, I could be wrong, but I think his way of protecting himself and feeling like he was still part of Bungle was that… Continue lendo Mike Patton’s “Falling To Pieces”: torn between Mr. Bungle and FNM

PRIMUS – My name is Mud

From Pork Soda (1993) My name is MudMy name is MudNot to be confused with Bill or Jack or Pete or DennisMy name is Mud and it’s always been‘Cause I’m the most boring sonsabitch you’ve ever seenI dress in blue, yes, navy blueFrom head to toe I’m rather drab, except my patent shoesI make… Continue lendo PRIMUS – My name is Mud

DEPECHE MODE – World In My Eyes

The "World In My Eyes" music video was directed by Anton Corbijn. Taken from the Violator album (1990). Let me take you on a tripAround the world and backAnd you won't have to moveYou just sit still Now let your mind do the walkingAnd let my body do the talkingLet me show you the… Continue lendo DEPECHE MODE – World In My Eyes

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS – Live @ MTV Spring Break Rocks (1997)

Watch Stone Temple Pilots perform live from MTV Spring Break at Club la Vela, Panama City Beach, FL on March 14, 1997. The Super Deluxe Edition of Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop is available now. Order your copy here: Released on March 26, 1996, the album is a pitch-perfect amalgamation… Continue lendo STONE TEMPLE PILOTS – Live @ MTV Spring Break Rocks (1997)

BEASTIE BOYS – So Whatcha Want

From Check Your Head (1992) Well, just plug me in just like I was Eddie HarrisYou're eating crazy cheese like you would think I'm from ParisYou know I get fly, you think I get highYou know that I'm gone and I'm-a tell you all why So tell me who are you dissing, maybe I'm… Continue lendo BEASTIE BOYS – So Whatcha Want

DEBORAH BLANDO – Decadence Avec Elegance

Deborah Salvatrice Blando é uma cantora, compositora e multi-instrumentista italiana, de ascendência ucraniana, naturalizada brasileira. Blando é poliglota; fala, compõe e canta em português, italiano, espanhol, ucraniano, alemão, inglês e francês. Reconhecida pelo tom suave, mas potente de sua voz, é recordista de vendas das trilhas sonoras de telenovelas, e é também conhecida por suas… Continue lendo DEBORAH BLANDO – Decadence Avec Elegance


From the album Very (1993) Come on, come on, come on, come on (Together) We will go our way(Together) We will leave someday(Together) Your hand in my hand(Together) We will make our plans(Together) We will fly so high(Together) Tell all our friends good-bye(Together) We will start life new(Together) This is what we'll do (Go… Continue lendo PET SHOP BOYS – Go West