Cop killer- Body Count & friends

When Rodney King was brutally assaulted and arrested by racist police officers in 1992, Ice-T formed Body Count and wrote "Cop Killer", a song that was rapidly censored (and removed from the censored album version). "Cop killer" revisited. Fuck police brutality! I got my black shirt on. I got my black gloves on. I … Continuar lendo Cop killer- Body Count & friends

Wrong side of the tracks – Biohazard   You're a fish out of water on the wrong side of the tracks Gather up the boys to come and take your back We stand all together against the opposed We'll die for our brethren, that we have chose On the wrong - side of the tracks On the wrong - side of … Continuar lendo Wrong side of the tracks – Biohazard

Judgement night – Onyx feat. Biohazard [Chorus] Judgment Night, got gun got badge Judgment Night, HUH! Judgment Night, in the echo of a gunblast Judgment Night!!! Over here, and bust the way, crush a sucka gutter Sun don't cease at a hundred degrees I'm coolin in your freezer (He's a breezer) I hits it up with that bald faced rap … Continuar lendo Judgement night – Onyx feat. Biohazard

How it is – Biohazard feat. Cypress Hill "Hey yo, what up baby! Yeah this is Cypress Hill, Biohazard steppin' to Ya Brooklyn, East-Side LA, what up now!" Look into the eyes of a madman You can see it in his face, he's a weak and sad man Staring straight ahead, his eyes set like stone With a nine millimeter cocked at … Continuar lendo How it is – Biohazard feat. Cypress Hill

Punishment – Biohazard [Intro] Come on God, answer me. For years I'm asking why, why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive? Where is justice? Where is punishment? Or have you already answered, have you already said to the world: here is justice, here is punishment. Here, in me [Refrain: Evan Seinfeld] I question not me, … Continuar lendo Punishment – Biohazard