24/7 SPYZ – Stuntman (1992)

24-7 Spyz (pronounced "twenty-four-seven spies") are an American rock band from the South Bronx, New York, formed in 1986, originally consisting of Jimi Hazel (born Wayne K. Richardson) (guitars), Rick Skatore (born Kenneth D. Lucas) (bass), Kindu Phibes (drums), and P. Fluid (born Peter Forrest) (vocals). The band plays hard rock, heavy metal, funk metal… Continue lendo 24/7 SPYZ – Stuntman (1992)


OUTKAST – Hey Ya! (2003)

"Hey Ya!" is a song performed by American hip-hop duo Outkast, specifically group member André 3000, who wrote and produced the song. Along with "The Way You Move", recorded by Outkast's other member Big Boi, "Hey Ya!" was released by Arista Records as one of the two lead singles from the duo's fifth album, Speakerboxxx/The… Continue lendo OUTKAST – Hey Ya! (2003)


This is the story of a lost generationX,Y, Z name of the sectionsSeeking the light through the nightNo more questions it’s time to fight. Rise of the Northstar (abbreviated as ROTNS) is a French heavy metal and hardcore punk band from Paris. Formed in 2008, the band combines heavy metal, hip-hop, and hardcore punk with… Continue lendo RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR – Rise (2023)

MR. BUNGLE – Live @ Teatro Flores, Argentina (12/15/2022)

Mr. Bungle demolió el Teatro Flores en un debut porteño a puro metal - TN, 16/12/2022 La primera banda del cantante de Faith No More visitó por primera vez Argentina y lo hizo en su versión más cruda y con una formación estelar. Antes de Faith No More, el grupo que lo catapultó a la fama… Continue lendo MR. BUNGLE – Live @ Teatro Flores, Argentina (12/15/2022)

FAITH NO MORE – Pokerface (Lady Gaga) / Chinese Arithmetic

Faith No More (RIP) with Mike Patton (not RIP yet 😉 is aplaying a song of Lady Gaga : "Poker Face". Lady Gaga's song are not great for everybody, but we have to admit that her covers are mostly perfect ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TXXpQSJvPc Candle light, it burns in every hole of your eyesIt's beautiful, how much… Continue lendo FAITH NO MORE – Pokerface (Lady Gaga) / Chinese Arithmetic


Lia de Itamaracá (born in 1944) is a Brazilian ciranda dancer, songwriter and singer. She is known as the most important Brazilian cirandeira alive. André Moraes (born in 1977) is a musician and music producer, composer of film, theater, and television soundtrack, and, more recently, also a director of films and music videos. André Moraes… Continue lendo LIA DE ITAMARACÁ & ANDRÉ MORAES – Mar de Fogo

PERO DEFFORMERO – Gastarbajter [Guestworker]

Pero Defformero are a Serbian band from Novi Sad. The band parodies turbo-folk music by combining it with heavy metal and humorous lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SahpP3IrkOg Mlad sam bio kada reših, na svoj život metoh tačkuU tuđinu pođoh radit, bauštela u njemačkuU minkenu nađoh posla, zaradio brdo paraSad se vraćam kući bogat, u selu me čeka stara… Continue lendo PERO DEFFORMERO – Gastarbajter [Guestworker]

PLANET HEMP – Mantenha o Respeito (live)

Planet Hemp is a Brazilian rap rock musical group, known for starting the career of rappers Marcelo D2 and BNegão for its lyrics supporting the legality of cannabis. The band was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1993, with original members Marcelo D2, Skunk, Rafael, Formigão and Bacalhau. The band broke up in 2001 due… Continue lendo PLANET HEMP – Mantenha o Respeito (live)


Electric Callboy (formerly known as Eskimo Callboy) is a German electronicore band formed in Castrop-Rauxel in 2010. They take a more relaxed approach to the genre, and are known for their comedic songs, live shows and videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf3LqQluWag WARNING: This video deals with sensitive issues, including German Schlager and death. It contains scenes that could… Continue lendo ELECTRIC CALLBOY – Hurrikan

NOMEANSNO – Wrong [fvll albvm] (1989)

NoMeansNo was a Canadian punk rock band formed in Victoria, British Columbia and later relocated to Vancouver. They issued 11 albums, including a collaborative album with Jello Biafra, as well as numerous EPs and singles. Critic Martin Popoff described their music as "the mightiest merger between the hateful aggression of punk and the discipline of… Continue lendo NOMEANSNO – Wrong [fvll albvm] (1989)