MORDRED – Live on Capital Chaos TV (1993)

Mordred perform @ Slims - San Francisco, California, 1993. If you enjoy our videos, give us a like, share, favorite or hit that Subscribe button (If we haven't convinced you to already)! FOLLOW US FOR MOREFacebook:

MORDRED – Love Of Money How many times can I tell you, how many ways can I sayIt's anybody's guess why I'm so restless anywayHow often will I be there, how often you are awayOnly little bit of time entwined every day They dare not whisper in her ears, given a taste she disappearsTo her I'll always be in … Continuar lendo MORDRED – Love Of Money

MORDRED – Malignancy

Malignancy is the second single released for “The Dark Parade”. Set to be released by M-Theory Audio on July 23, 2021 the record – which will be offered on CD, digital, cassette, blue vinyl with orange splatter and a limited-edition, mail-order exclusive white vinyl variant – can be pre-ordered now at [Intro]This is … Continuar lendo MORDRED – Malignancy

SKUNK ANANSIE – Charlie Big Potato

Skunk Anansie are a British rock band whose members include Skin (lead vocals, guitar), Cass (bass, guitar, backing vocals), Ace (guitar, backing vocals) and Mark Richardson (drums and percussion). Skunk Anansie formed in 1994, disbanded in 2001 and reformed in 2009. The name "Skunk Anansie" is taken from Akan folk tales of Anansi the spider-man … Continuar lendo SKUNK ANANSIE – Charlie Big Potato

ROLO TOMASSI – Ex Luna Scientia

From the album Astraea (℗ 2012 Destination Moon) Rolo Tomassi - "Ex Luna Scientia". Track taken from the album Astraea. Live Session with CutLoosetv, a music channel handpicking the finest alternative bands around. CutLoosetv is a venture of the collective Cut Loose Promotions based in Glasgow, Scotland. This channel is dedicated to showcasing the … Continuar lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Ex Luna Scientia

ROLO TOMASSI – I Love Turbulence

Rolo Tomassi are a British band from Sheffield, England. Their name is taken from a dialogue in the film L.A. Confidential. The band is known for their strong DIY ethic and chaotic style and performances. They are currently signed to Holy Roar (for UK and EU releases) and Ipecac Recordings (for US and Japanese releases). … Continuar lendo ROLO TOMASSI – I Love Turbulence

DeFALLA – Como Vovó Já Dizia / I Was Trying To Shoot A Gun (Metrópolis, 1989) DeFalla é uma banda brasileira de rock and roll formada em Porto Alegre, RS em 1985. Foi assim batizada em homenagem ao compositor erudito espanhol Manuel de Falla (1876-1946), sugestão do primeiro baixista do grupo, Carlo Pianta. Nasceu com influências de new wave, rock and roll, funk rock, rap metal, hard rock, heavy metal … Continuar lendo DeFALLA – Como Vovó Já Dizia / I Was Trying To Shoot A Gun (Metrópolis, 1989)

DANNY ELFMAN – Insects Tiny insects in my hairTiny insects everywhereTiny insects in my pantsWatching insects make romanceInsects make me, make me want to dance (dance), danceThey make me dance (dance)Dance, dance (dance), dance (dance)Those insects make me want to Insects crawling all aroundInsects squirming in the groundInsects, gooey, squeaky, chewyShould I eat them? NoI'd rather stomp them, … Continuar lendo DANNY ELFMAN – Insects

PRIMUS – Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers / Bob (live @ Woodstock)

Live performance at the 1994 edition of Woodstock Festival (8/14/1994). Copyright Bill Graham Archives I've seen them out at SocoThey're pounding sixteen penny nailsThe truckers on the interstateHave been known to ride the railsThe sweat is beating on the browCan't keep these fellas down'Cause those damned blue-collared tweekersAre runnin' this here town I knew … Continuar lendo PRIMUS – Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers / Bob (live @ Woodstock)