ATOMIC APE – Live at The Hideaway Bar & Grill, Sacramento (2017) ATOMIC APE are an American band formed by Jason Schimmel (Estradasphere), as an evolution from Orange Tulip Conspiracy. Jason is the former bassist from Secret Chiefs 3 and has spent 4 years working in this project with a collection of 25 musicians. Among them Mimicry-familiar names like Trey Spruance, Eyvind Kang, Tim Young, Devin… Continue lendo ATOMIC APE – Live at The Hideaway Bar & Grill, Sacramento (2017)

Bands You Should Know: MORDRED [2 full albums]

An underrated thrash/funk metal band that was blurring genre boundaries before it was cool. Old Head links: Fool's Game (1989) State of MindSpectacle of FearEvery Day's a HolidaySpellboundSever and SpliceThe ArtistShatterReckless AbandonSuper Freak (Rick James Cover)Numb In This Life (1991) In This LifeThe StrainHigh PotencyWindowEsse Quam VideriA BeginningFalling AwayKilling TimeDowntownProgressLarger Than Life

A Curated MR. BUNGLE Live Cover Song Collection Tower Of Strength (Frankie Vaughan)24 Mila Baci (Adriano Celentano)Territorial Pissings (Nirvana)The Stroke (Billy Squier)Tabu Tu (Arthur Lyman)I Feel For You (Jerry Reed)Der Zinker ((Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra)Third Floor Dungeon (Dr. Seuss)Begin The Beguine (Cole Porter)Radar (Bernard Hermann)The Jet (Milkis Theodorakis)Fast Satoh (Masaru Sato)Love In Space (Peter Thomas Sound Orchester)Casanova 70 (Armando Trovajoli)Love Dance Of… Continue lendo A Curated MR. BUNGLE Live Cover Song Collection

FAITH NO MORE – Epic / Edge Of The World (live @ Da Show hosted by Dr. Dre & Ed Lover)

Recorded from the original broadcast on 12/26/90. This was "Da Show", a short lived program hosted by Dr. Dre and Ed Lover from "Yo! MTV Raps". Can you feel it, see it, hear it today?If you can’t, then it doesn’t matter anywayYou will never understand it cuz it happens too fastAnd it feels so… Continue lendo FAITH NO MORE – Epic / Edge Of The World (live @ Da Show hosted by Dr. Dre & Ed Lover)


Dog Fashion Disco is an American heavy metal band from Rockville, Maryland, that was originally active from 1995 to 2007 before disbanding. The band officially reunited on October 10, 2013. One pound of flesh, no more, no lessPunching my heart, and pounding my chestBulging tongue, blood on my breathDevour the hour until there's nothing… Continue lendo DOG FASHION DISCO – Tastes So Sweet

ESTRADASPHERE – Palace of Mirrors (fvll albvm)

Palace of Mirrors is the fifth and final full-length album by Estradasphere. It was released on September 19, 2006. "Title" – 0:34"Palace of Mirrors" – 3:41"A Corporate Merger" – 8:16"The Terrible Beautypower of Meow" – 4:01"Colossal Risk" – 4:36"The Unfolding Pause on the Threshold" – 4:17"Smuggled Mutation" – 4:48"Six Hands" – 1:12"The Debutante" – 2:44"Flower Garden… Continue lendo ESTRADASPHERE – Palace of Mirrors (fvll albvm)

ESTRADASPHERE – Hungerstrike (live)

Set aside 30 minutes and watch Estradasphere perform their most classic song during one of their final tours. Interactive video magic by Chip Yamada. Estradasphere is an avant-garde, experimental music group from Santa Cruz, California, formed the late 1990s. The band, which in its last incarnation was based in Seattle, consisted of six multi-instrumentalists… Continue lendo ESTRADASPHERE – Hungerstrike (live)

MORDRED – Live on Capital Chaos TV (1993)

Mordred perform @ Slims - San Francisco, California, 1993. If you enjoy our videos, give us a like, share, favorite or hit that Subscribe button (If we haven't convinced you to already)! FOLLOW US FOR MOREFacebook:

MORDRED – Love Of Money How many times can I tell you, how many ways can I sayIt's anybody's guess why I'm so restless anywayHow often will I be there, how often you are awayOnly little bit of time entwined every day They dare not whisper in her ears, given a taste she disappearsTo her I'll always be in… Continue lendo MORDRED – Love Of Money

MORDRED – Malignancy

Malignancy is the second single released for “The Dark Parade”. Set to be released by M-Theory Audio on July 23, 2021 the record – which will be offered on CD, digital, cassette, blue vinyl with orange splatter and a limited-edition, mail-order exclusive white vinyl variant – can be pre-ordered now at [Intro]This is… Continue lendo MORDRED – Malignancy