CULTURA TRES – The World And Its Lies

Cultura Tres is a band with a history of defiance and perseverance that started more than a decade ago in the small town of Maracay, Venezuela. The band had been until then a DIY powerhouse that steadily gained the respect of the South-American sludge-doom scene. During the sludge-doom era of the band, guitarist brothers Alejandro… Continue lendo CULTURA TRES – The World And Its Lies


SEPULTURA – Desperate Cry (live in Finland 1991) [Verse 1]Sacrifice is pleasureWhen life ends in painConceive the last mistakeWhich belongs to all [Chorus]Creation of insane rulesAll we hearDesperate cry [Verse 2]Death: the coldest windSeeps into your poresA nation born of hateForgotten distant time [Chorus]Creation of insane ruleAll we hearDesperate cry [Bridge]Endless empty mazeDespair, distress and silenceA poison vacuum, infinityLife, lies, deceit [Verse… Continue lendo SEPULTURA – Desperate Cry (live in Finland 1991)

Cut-throat – Sepultura & Scott Ian Telling lies right into your faceGrab your soul and make a disgraceMake you believe you're bigger than lifeNo one cares if you'll live or die Waiting for the moment to strikeTo take possession to take your heartTurn your part into a farseWithout respect, without regret Cut-Thoat, cut-throatCut-ThroatCut-Thoat, cut-throatCut-Throat You promise this and promise allDeep… Continue lendo Cut-throat – Sepultura & Scott Ian

Roots Bloody Roots – Sepultura Roots Bloody Roots [Repeat: x3]Roots Bloody I believe in our fateWe don't need to fakeIt's all we want to beWatch me Freak! I sayWe're growing every dayGetting stronger in every wayI'll take you to a placeWhere we shall find our Roots Bloody Roots [Repeat: x4] Rain bring me the strengthIs breeding me this wayTo… Continue lendo Roots Bloody Roots – Sepultura

Territory – Sepultura Unknown manSpeaks to the worldSucking your trustA trap in every word War for territoryWar for territory Choice controlBehind propagandaPoor informationTo manage your anger War for territoryWar for territory Dictators' speechBlasting off your lifeRule to kill the urgeDumb assholes' speech Years of fightingTeaching my sonTo believe in that manRacist human beingRacist ground will liveShame and… Continue lendo Territory – Sepultura

Roots bloody roots – Sepultura feat. Mike Patton Roots Bloody Roots Roots Bloody Roots Roots Bloody Roots Roots Bloody Roooaaaaaahh I Believe in our fate We don't need to fake It's all we wanna be Watch me freeeaaak !! I say We're growing every day Getting stronger in every way I'll take you to a place Where we shall find our Roots… Continue lendo Roots bloody roots – Sepultura feat. Mike Patton

Isolation – SEPULTURA Perpetrated over time Better walk the narrow line Never challenge what we say In the darkness of our mind Never thought we'd be so blind Let the nightmare get away Isolation cannot be The best, the best that we can do Build a cage full of rage Inner demons call your name Suicide, your… Continue lendo Isolation – SEPULTURA

Refuse/Resist – Sepultura Chaos A.D. Tanks on the streets Confronting police Bleeding the Plebs Raging crowd Burning cars Bloodshed starts Who'll be alive?! Chaos A.D. Army in siege Total alarm I'm sick of this Inside the state War is created No man's land What is this shit?! Refuse/Resist Refuse Chaos A.D. Disorder unleashed Starting to burn Starting… Continue lendo Refuse/Resist – Sepultura