Business Casual – TOMAHAWK

Bad cholesterol / Business casual / Low carb and gluten free From Tomahawk's new album, Tonic Immobility, in stores March 26th. Pre-order now at Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard/Unsemble), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle/Fantômas), Mike Patton (Faith No More/Mr. Bungle, etc.) and John Stanier (Helmet/Battles), return with their first full-length album in eight years. … Continuar lendo Business Casual – TOMAHAWK

Underground’s Voice: entrevista com TREY SPRUANCE (Legendas em Pt) After almost 20 years of inactivity, they unexpectedly returned to re-record their first demo and release it as an album. Result? One of the best albums of the last decade. Legendary Mike Patton, Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunn were joined by Dave Lombardo, Slayer's former drummer and Scott Ian, Anthrax's guitar player for a … Continuar lendo Underground’s Voice: entrevista com TREY SPRUANCE (Legendas em Pt)

Motherfucker – FAITH NO MORE

"This should be the default holding song for every customer support hotline." (Just a Fan) Force fed more than we eat in the wildGraised on a mash that can suffocate a childBloated, promoted in an ode to pompous styleMoistening their feet while we're choking on the bileCornering the market on the geese without the … Continuar lendo Motherfucker – FAITH NO MORE

Mike Patton Explains How Meshuggah ‘Shames’ Him, Talks Mr. Bungle Reunion. Also, Balkan gypsy music.

ULTIMATEGUITAR.COM During an appearance on The Boo Crew, Faith No More singer Mike Patton talked about his musical preferences, explaining which music draws him, while also touching on the Mr. Bungle reunion. "The stuff I like is anything that kind of shames me, that makes me feel like I should just quit. Lately, I would … Continuar lendo Mike Patton Explains How Meshuggah ‘Shames’ Him, Talks Mr. Bungle Reunion. Also, Balkan gypsy music.

Nazi Punks Fuck Off + Raining Blood – DEAD CROSS Nazi Punks Fuck Off & Raining Blood Tease (Fan Jumps With Mike Patton Into Crowd to Surf), Dead Cross, Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, Maryland; September 8th, 2017; Summer Tour; Featuring Mike Patton Lead Singer of Faith No More and Dave Lombardo Former Drummer of Slayer

Skin Of A Redneck – DEAD CROSS Dead Cross "Skin Of A Redneck" from the 2018 release, Dead Cross EP. Get the limited edition 10" and download/stream here: Director / Producer: Kay Otto / clipper-film.comCinematographer: Moritz MoessingerAdditional photography: Jan Ernsting, Isabella Gonzales, Kay OttoEditor: David HortmannColor Grading: Florian SchaeferAnimations: Pascal ReitzThanks to SO36/ Chris Chohan Ubeda Cruz, Optix & Aron … Continuar lendo Skin Of A Redneck – DEAD CROSS

FAITH NO MORE surprise show @ The Troubador (2015)

Surprise, it's live! Live at the Troubadour | Los Angeles, CA | September 3rd 2015 ▪️ SETLIST ▪️ From The DeadMatadorMotherfuckerBlack FridayRise Of The FallCone Of ShameSeparation AnxietySuperheroSol InvictusCaffeineBe AggressiveMidlife CrisisGentle Art Of Making EnemiesAshes To Ashes (Partial)Just A Man ENCORE: I Started A JokeWe Care A LotAs The Worm Turns

Anarchy up your anus – MR. BUNGLE Mr. Bungle - Anarchy Up Your Anus (Lyrics)The Rock Rotation Anarchy Up Your Anus Lyrics - Mr. BungleSubscribe and Enjoy:

Superhero – FAITH NO MORE live @ BBC Radio Go Go Go GoGo Go Go GoGo Go Go GoGo Go Go Go…SuperheroI'm tugging on your capeTell me will your sonsKnow their father one dayLeader of menLeader of menGet back in your cageWill you be one of them?Like an American drugMakes a mean cock grow…kill a priestMakes a superman of glassGo Go GoThe S … Continuar lendo Superhero – FAITH NO MORE live @ BBC Radio

Ros Vespertinus – EYVIND KANG Ros Vespertinus é uma das canções de Athlantis, álbum do compositor e multi-instrumentalista Eyvind Kang (1971-). Nascido nos Estados Unidos, Kang cresceu no Canadá e viveu em países tão diversos quanto Islândia e Itália. Tem colaborado com músicos como John Zorn, Trey Spruance, Bill Frissel, Animal Collective, Sunn O))), Wayne Horvitz, e Mike Patton. … Continuar lendo Ros Vespertinus – EYVIND KANG