ALAMAAILMAN VASARAT – Huuro Kolkko (2009)

Alamaailman Vasarat ("The Hammers of the Underworld") is an avant-garde Finnish musical group formed in 1997. Their music is influenced by European folk, klezmer, jazz and metal. The band's founder Jarno Sarkula (photo) died on 12 July 2020 in Portugal. Alamaailman Vasarat are: Jarno Sarkula (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass saxophones, clarinet, contrabass… Continue lendo ALAMAAILMAN VASARAT – Huuro Kolkko (2009)

BUDDY RICH BIG BAND – Live @ The North Sea Jazz Festival (1978)

Bernard "Buddy" Rich (September 30, 1917 – April 2, 1987) was an American jazz drummer and bandleader. Rich was billed as "the world's greatest drummer" and was known for his virtuosic technique, power, groove, and speed. Rich was born in Manhattan, New York, to Jewish vaudevillians Bess (Skolnik) and Robert Rich.:6 His talent for rhythm… Continue lendo BUDDY RICH BIG BAND – Live @ The North Sea Jazz Festival (1978)

FARMERS MARKET & MICHAEL BRECKER – Live at Nortsee Jazzfestival (2004)

Farmers Market is a Norwegian band founded in Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, in 1991. They have released four studio albums. The band started out as a free jazz quintet sprung out from the conservatory in Trondheim, but now incorporates a wide variety of genres, such as jazz, rock, pop music, bluegrass, classical and – most significantly… Continue lendo FARMERS MARKET & MICHAEL BRECKER – Live at Nortsee Jazzfestival (2004)

John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”: the most feared song in jazz, explained | VOX

Making sense of John Coltrane's "Giant Steps." John Coltrane, one of jazz history’s most revered saxophonists, released “Giant Steps” in 1959. It’s known across the jazz world as one of the most challenging compositions to improvise over for two reasons - it’s fast and it’s in three keys. Braxton Cook and Adam Neely give… Continue lendo John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”: the most feared song in jazz, explained | VOX

ROOTS REVIVAL – Maramures (fvll concert)

Maramures project was initiated and coordinated by Mehdi Aminian and developed together with Peter Hurley. This project is built on tradition, innovation and improvisations by the 7 musicians from 7 different countries who spent 7 days in the villages in the mountainous area of Maramures and lived the life and music of the villagers there.… Continue lendo ROOTS REVIVAL – Maramures (fvll concert)

Saxofone, por que choras? – RATINHO | Brasil Toca Choro

"Saxofone, porque choras?", de Ratinho (1896-1972), interpretada Henrique Araújo, Lau Trajano, Olivio Filho, Zé Pitoco, Alisson Silva, Dido Trajano e Guegué Medeiros. A série teve direção e produção musical de Marquinho Mendonça e Swami Jr e mixagens de Alberto Ranellucci.


Bootsy Collins presides over a kaleidoscopic funktopia in the video for his new song “Hip Hop Lollipop,” a remake of “Club Funkateers” from his recent album, The Power of the One. The clip features Hamburg artist Fantaazma rapping and dancing around clips of Collins singing the “Funkateers” chorus — “How much you got, how much you gon’ get?” The song… Continue lendo BOOTSY COLLINS & FANTAAZMA – Hip Hop Lollipop

MALDITA VECINDAD – Mojado – Íntima Celebración de Paz y Baile | Concierto Virtual

Maldita Vecindad en medio de la pandemia mundial en 2021 transmite en vivo y directo un concierto para todo el mundo a través de la vecindad virtual con una selección de temas clásicos y selectos.

WYNTON MARSALIS – Music As Metaphor | Harvard Lecture

In this chapter, Wynton introduces his 'Me vs. You' and 'Us vs. Y'all' vs. 'All of Us' contention, and argues that music has the significant power to bring us together and evoke moods and memories. Delve into Wynton Marsalis's six-part Harvard University lecture series, covering a range of topics including jazz, what it means… Continue lendo WYNTON MARSALIS – Music As Metaphor | Harvard Lecture