Runaway – NUYORICAN SOUL & INDIA RUNAWAYAs I walk along, I wonderA what went wrong whit our loveA love that was so strongAnd as I still walk onI think of the thing's we've doneTogether, while our hearts were youngI'm a walkin' in the rainTears are fallin' and I feel a painA wishin' you were here by meTo end this miseryAnd … Continuar lendo Runaway – NUYORICAN SOUL & INDIA

Supernature – CERRONE

Jean-Marc Cerrone - mais conhecido por Cerrone - (Vitry-sur-Seine, 24 de maio de 1952) é um músico e produtor francês. Aos 12 anos de idade, aprendeu a tocar bateria e gostava de ouvir, conforme declarações suas, Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix e Blood, Sweat & Tears. Começou a trabalhar como líder de orquestra no Club Mediterranée … Continuar lendo Supernature – CERRONE

Just an Illusion – IMAGINATION

Imagination was a British trio consisting of singer/keyboardplayer Leee John, guitarist/bassist Ashley Ingram and drummer Errol Kennedy. This was their 4th single and biggest hit in 1982, reaching #2 in the British charts, #7 in the German and #8 in the Dutch charts. The fantastic bassline is much imitated! Searching for a destiny that's … Continuar lendo Just an Illusion – IMAGINATION

Another life – KANO

Me with synth pop is like a child in a candy store. Here we are at last with nothing left to say now'Cause everything that's gone will never beAnd I lost it all that one and lonely blue nightEverything was fine Yes, I know I should have waited for you, babyWhere were you when … Continuar lendo Another life – KANO

Flash In The Night – SECRET SERVICE

Filmando para a televisão em Monte Carlo, Mônaco. Ano 1982. As a break of dawn came closerAll my hopes seemed so forlornThe misty signs of laughterAnd the light eluded allMy despair was caught in motionA face just barely trueShadows in blueA flash in the night …In the changing of the seasonReleasing one lost nameThe … Continuar lendo Flash In The Night – SECRET SERVICE


O primeiro e clássico vídeo do Serviço Secreto de 1979, com Ola Håkansson andando pelo Djurgården, o grande parque verde de Estocolmo, cantando "Oh Susie". Também fotos de Estocolmo e uma jovem de patins. Dirigido pelo conhecido Anders Wåhlmark. Música: Tim NorellLetras: Björn HåkansonLead vocals: Ola HåkanssonKeyboards: Ulf Wahlberg and Tim NorellGuitar: Tonny LindbergBass: … Continuar lendo Oh Susie – SECRET SERVICE

Groove is in the heart – Dee-Lite "Groove Is in the Heart" é uma canção do álbum de estréia do grupo Deee-Lite, World Clique. Lançado como single no final de 1990, foi sucesso em muitos países, ocupando a primeira posição na tabela musical da Austrália e no Hot Dance Club Songs da Billboard. O vídeoclipe de Groove Is in the Heart … Continuar lendo Groove is in the heart – Dee-Lite

Take your mama – Scissor Sisters When you grow up, livin' like a good boy oughtaAnd your mama, takes a shine to her best sonSomething different, all the girls they seem to like youCause you're handsome, like to talk and a whole lot of fun But now your girl's gone a missin'And your house has got an empty bedThe folks'll … Continuar lendo Take your mama – Scissor Sisters