JANAX PACHA – Sunrise Yoga Dance (Live Jam) {Organic Downtempo | Folktronica}

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGuvf25VVOk Presenting a live improvised performance from the Argentinian producer and multi-instrumental live looper, Janax Pacha. Spearheaded by Gabriel Epstein, the Janax Pacha project sits at the crossroads of acoustic and electronic expression, utilising instruments such as Native flutes, kalimbas, didgeridoo, percussion, and effect racks. The resulting tribal downtempo sound is inspired as much from… Continue lendo JANAX PACHA – Sunrise Yoga Dance (Live Jam) {Organic Downtempo | Folktronica}

OMKARA – Shower of Grace

"Shower of Grace" by Omkara, with lyrics by Mooji. Performed after Satsang in Monte Sahaja on 29 April 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0a2l-iC0js This song is available on:'River of Light' https://shop.mooji.org/product/music/…and 'Let Nothing Remain' https://shop.mooji.org/product/music/… Lyrics:Shower of GraceRiver of LoveOcean of PeaceTimeless Truth Dreaming into beingThis joyous worldThe play of the divineAll of this we areAll this we… Continue lendo OMKARA – Shower of Grace


Ak Dan Gwang Chil: Korean Shamanic Folk-Pop Alice R. Manicur Assembly Hall, Lane University Center, Frostburg State University (17 November 2021) “There’s a flowering folk-roots revival in South Korea — but no band combines virtuosity, charisma, and pure energy like Ak Dan Gwang Chil. Three powerhouse singers and six virtuoso players combine for breakneck-speed roots-romps.” -… Continue lendo AK DAN GWANG CHIL (ADG7) – Live on KEXP

ABEER NEHME &MEHDI AMINIAN – Aramaic & Sufi Dialogue (Full Concert)

Aramaic and Sufi experience Abeer Nehme (Arabic: عبير نعمة‎; born 19 May 1980) is a Lebanese singer and a musicologist. She performs traditional Tarab music, Lebanese traditional music, Rahbani music, and sacred music from the Syriac-Maronite, Syriac-Orthodox, and Byzantine traditions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ie639ilKW8 This project aims at showing the richness of our heritage and promoting dialogue among… Continue lendo ABEER NEHME &MEHDI AMINIAN – Aramaic & Sufi Dialogue (Full Concert)


Quieter Than Silence - A Roots Revival Project in collaboration with creative arts. November 11, 2017 tour & Album launching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlJJZrriAVI Mehdi Aminian: Ney, Setar, Vocals (Iran)Mohamad Zatari: Oud (Syria)Leila Soldevila: Double Bass (France)Behnam Masoumi: Tombak & Percussion (Iran) We would welcome your support & donations to make the next projects of Roots Revival possible:https://www.roots-revival.com/donation… Continue lendo Quieter Than Silence – MEHDI AMINIAN & MOHAMAD ZATARI

JOCY DE OLIVEIRA – Medea Ballade

Last part of the multimídia opera Kseni – A estrangeira (2007) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibPj99Igkec Gabriela Geluda – soprano / actressMarilena Bibas – actressPeter Schuback – celloPaulo Passos – bassclarinet / clarinetAloysio Neves – Electric GuitarDaniel Serale – percussionRicardo Siri – percussionLuciano Correia – metalic sculpture Live recorded at the Teatro Carlos Gomes, Rio de Janeiro, 2007The complete… Continue lendo JOCY DE OLIVEIRA – Medea Ballade

CHARMING HOSTESS – Paul’s Dance Benefit at Cafe DuNord (February 3, 1997)

For 8 years Charming Hostess was a rock band that blended eerie harmonies, complex rhythms, and a playfulness about gender. Charming Hostess drew on women's vocal traditions (primarily from Eastern Europe and North Africa), and integrated them with American folk forms both white and black. Charming Hostess was founded in the fertile anarchy of Barrington Co-op,… Continue lendo CHARMING HOSTESS – Paul’s Dance Benefit at Cafe DuNord (February 3, 1997)

YAT-KHA – Live @ Ethno Port Poznan Festival (2013)

Yat-Kha is a band from Tuva, led by vocalist/guitarist Albert Kuvezin. Their music is a mixture of Tuvan traditional music and rock, featuring Kuvezin's distinctive kargyraa throat singing style, the kanzat kargyraa. Yat-Kha was founded in Moscow in 1991, as a collaborative project between Kuvezin and Russian avant-garde, electronic composer Ivan Sokolovsky. The project blended… Continue lendo YAT-KHA – Live @ Ethno Port Poznan Festival (2013)


Charming Hostess is a band that grew out of the avant-rock scene of Oakland, California, in the mid-1990s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xvjgPBt-Hk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kytf2LH76Io Today, the music primarily springs from three women with an emphasis in the body—voices and vocal percussion, handclaps and heartbeats, sex-breath and silence. The work grows from diaspora consciousness: both Jewish and African. Stylistically, Charming… Continue lendo CHARMING HOSTESS – Dali Tzerni

CATHERINE BRASLAVSKY & JOSEPH ROWE – Thunder, Perfect Mind (Bronte, Nous Indelios)

Composed and performed by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe. Ancient Coptic text discovered in Egypt at Nag Hammadi in 1945. Origin unknown, related to ancient Greco-Egyptian Goddess-religions. Partial English translation of singer's Coptic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFhD82z7aJQ "There came a beautiful day, when I knew I had no choice but to sing. From the beginning, I had a… Continue lendo CATHERINE BRASLAVSKY & JOSEPH ROWE – Thunder, Perfect Mind (Bronte, Nous Indelios)