Roosevelt (born Marius Lauber on 29 September 1990) is a German singer, songwriter and producer from Viersen. http://KEXP.ORG presents Roosevelt performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded December 8, 2021. Songs:Easy Way OutStrangersFeels RightSign Marius Lauber - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys, PercussionFlorian Bonn - Keys, Percussion, Backup VocalsMatthias Biermann - Keys, Bass, Guitar, Backup… Continue lendo ROOSEVELT – Live on KEXP


From the album Credo (2011) Go go goGo go go Let me tell you what you are doing wrongBeen so .. for years well it's much too longThere just has to be another wayIt will get you by getting day to dayIf you need another point of viewTake a look of mine I got… Continue lendo THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Never Let Me Go

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Don’t You Want Me

Album: The Things That Dreams Are Made Of ℗ 1981 (Virgin Records) You were working as a waitress in a cocktail barWhen I met youI picked you out, I shook you upAnd turned you aroundTurned you into someone newNow five years later on you've got the world at your feetSuccess has been so easy… Continue lendo THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Don’t You Want Me

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

The Things That Dreams Are Made Of ℗ 1981 Virgin Records ake time to see the wonders of the worldTo see the things you've only ever heard ofDream life the way you think it ought to beSee things you thought you'd never ever see Take a cruise to ChinaOr a train to SpainGo round… Continue lendo THE HUMAN LEAGUE – The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

TEARS FOR FEARS – No Small Thing

Watch the official video for Tears For Fears’ new single “No Small Thing” from their upcoming album ‘The Tipping Point’, coming February 25, 2022. “In early 2020, Curt and I sat down together with just a couple of acoustic guitars. The first time in decades. We needed a meeting of minds, a coming together psychically.… Continue lendo TEARS FOR FEARS – No Small Thing


The attributes of humility, patience, love of one's fellows, and the pursuit of peace, which Hillel displayed, did not diminish the strin-gency of his ethical and religious demands, or prevent him from plac-ing full responsibility on man, whom he required to act for his own perfection and for the public weal. Man is obliged to… Continue lendo TRACY CHAPMAN – If Not Now…


Two weeks in a Virginia jailFor my lover for my loverTwenty thousand dollar bailFor my lover for my lover And everybody thinksThat I'me the foolBut they don't getAny love from youThe things we won't do for love I'd climb a mountain if I had toAnd risk my life so I could have youYou, you, you…… Continue lendo TRACY CHAPMAN – For My Lover

TRACY CHAPMAN – Crossroads

Crossroads is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman, released in 1989. Chapman was also a producer on this album, the first time she had taken on such a role. The song "Freedom Now" is dedicated to Nelson Mandela. [Verse 1]All you folks think you own my lifeBut you never made any… Continue lendo TRACY CHAPMAN – Crossroads

INFORMATION SOCIETY – Live @ Ginásio do Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo (1989)

Especial da extinta TV Manchete cobrindo o Show do Information Society de 1989 em Sampa em sua primeira vinda ao Brasil. Isso saiu numa VHS promo da época e pouquíssimas pessoas tiveram acesso. Essa converti da original que tive a sorte de ter em mãos apenas para isso. Até hoje não achei com melhor qualidade… Continue lendo INFORMATION SOCIETY – Live @ Ginásio do Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo (1989)


Information Society é uma banda americana com um estilo misto de synth-pop, new wave, techno e freestyle, tendo sido oficialmente formada em finais de 1981 na cidade de Minneapolis com a união de três músicos e amigos de colegial: Paul Robb, Kurt Harland e James Cassidy. Cinco anos mais tarde Amanda Kramer entrou para o… Continue lendo INFORMATION SOCIETY – Walking Away