THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Ultima Esperanza

From the album No, Virginia (2008) Downloading doves on your fancy computerYoure shooting for love in the darkHey jude youve found her now go instant messageHer name is a pretty good start Ultima sits in her bedroom in texas andWaits for her hamsters to touchShe lost her legs in a car crash three years… Continue lendo THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Ultima Esperanza


THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Me & The Minibar Bring two prix fixe dinners upI'll unwrap the plastic cupsIt's just us my loveIt's just us my love I will make the room up nicePut your insides all on iceIt was real true loveIt was real true love Close all the windowsPut signs on the handlesAnd strip down to my dun-dun-dunsYou have gone so… Continue lendo THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Me & The Minibar

Ampersand – Amanda Palmer I walk down my street at night The city lights are cold and violent I am comforted by the approaching sounds of trucks and sirens Even though the world's so bad These men rush out to help the dying And though I am no use to them I do my part by simply smiling… Continue lendo Ampersand – Amanda Palmer

Runs in the family – Amanda Palmer My friend has problems with winter and autumn They give him prescriptions, They shine bright lights on him They say it's genetic, They say he can't help it They say you can catch it But sometimes you're born with it My friend has blight he gets shakes in the night And they say there… Continue lendo Runs in the family – Amanda Palmer

Leeds United – Amanda Palmer We watch you your expert double X's It's just like you to paint those whiter fences It's so polite, it's so polite It's offensive, it's offensive It's so unright, it's so unright It's a technical, accept it But who needs love when there's law and order And who needs love when there's Southern Comfort… Continue lendo Leeds United – Amanda Palmer

My Alcoholic Friends – THE DRESDEN DOLLS I'm counting backThe number of the stepsIt took for me to getBack on the wagon of the weekend I'll use the autotimer to prove thatI'll get home with my imaginationIf they find the body in the basement"in the very house that she was raised in!" I'm taking downThe number of the TimesSo when we… Continue lendo My Alcoholic Friends – THE DRESDEN DOLLS

Boston – The Dresden Dolls

An overwhelming, heart-arresting ballad. So lengthy for commercial standards (7 min. +), and yet I whish it kept going on for hours and hours.... All the cities in the world And so very little time and So many different girls... All you have to do is find them There's a wealth of opportunity you… Continue lendo Boston – The Dresden Dolls

The Kill – The Dresden Dolls

Music video for the song. "The Kill" by The Dresden Dolls. This is the result of crazy DD fans and cinema students from Brazil teaming up to make a colorful music video. Enjoy! I am an anarchist An anti-christ An asterisk I am an anorak An acolyte An accidental I am eleven feet Okay,… Continue lendo The Kill – The Dresden Dolls

Necessary Evil – THE DRESDEN DOLLS

The necessary Dresden Dolls. Let's get lost Fingers crossed It is an ordinary evening I am broadcasting are you receiving Sick sick sound All fall down It is a necessary evil Just like highway gas stations and people I remember gold days when all this was a mystery And you could write a letter… Continue lendo Necessary Evil – THE DRESDEN DOLLS