O que teriam sido os anos 80-90 sem The Human League? O que teria sido a história do sintetizador? Um (grupo) clássico, atemporal, que transcende eventuais modas transitórias, muito embora podendo nelas ser levados. O synth é imortal. Música eletrônica, dançante, pop, como já não se sabe fazer. Não só entretenimento e diversão descompromissada, como … Continuar lendo A Doorway – THE HUMAN LEAGUE

Heart Like A Wheel – THE HUMAN LEAGUE

A delightfully dancy, very British synthesizer group. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-Oq3ORqAC0 Calling up the promised landJohnny Seven's coming over the seaHe's taking your timeWhen you want to be freeHolding out a helping handAre you ready for a real careerWill you be so coolWhen it's happening hereIt don't say nothing that I haven't heardIf what I hear is trueYou … Continuar lendo Heart Like A Wheel – THE HUMAN LEAGUE


Syria is the new "Lebanon". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH-_bsCwdRw She dreams of nineteen sixty-nineBefore the soldiers cameThe life was cheap on bread and wineAnd sharing meant no shame She is awakened by the screamsOf rockets flying from nearbyAnd scared she clings onto her dreamsTo beat the fear that she might die And who will have wonWhen the soldiers … Continuar lendo The Lebanon – THE HUMAN LEAGUE

Together in Electric Dreams (live) – THE HUMAN LEAGUE

If the chorus went on for 20 minutes, it wouldn't be too much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLHv87rWbi4 I only knew you for a whileI never saw your smile’til it was time to goTime to go away (time to go away) Sometimes it’s hard to recognizeLove comes as a surpriseAnd it’s too lateIt’s just too late to stayToo late … Continuar lendo Together in Electric Dreams (live) – THE HUMAN LEAGUE