Crash – NILÜFER YANIA If you ask me one more question, I'm about to crashIf you ask me one more questionIf you ask me one more question, I'm about to crashLook around, there's no competition, where the heavy drinkers at?Kind of like a presence (If you ask me one more question)It's kind of like an attitudeIt's kind of … Continuar lendo Crash – NILÜFER YANIA

Revolution – GREENTEA PENG

A result of recent turmoil: political, societal, and individual. 2020, a painfully transformative year for the collective. Revolution is a product of this pain and also the anger we’ve been struggling to move through, at the same time it represents the hope conjured. A reminder to remember where the first revolution must take place and … Continuar lendo Revolution – GREENTEA PENG

Feels Good – TONY! TONI! TONÉ! Play this record as frequently as possible,Then as it becomes easier for you,Play the record once a day, or as neededIt feels good, yeahIt feels goodOoohh it feels goodIt feels goodIt sure feels good to meIf the rythum feels good let me hear you say uh uh babyIf the rythum feels good let me … Continuar lendo Feels Good – TONY! TONI! TONÉ!

Acalanto – LUEDJI LUNA Eu vou andando pelo mundo como possoE me refaço em cada passo dadoEu faço o que devo, e achoNão me encaixo em nadaNão me encaixo, em nadaPresto atenção nas doresE choro cançõesDa boca da noiteAo mais tardar das horasPensamento meu viajaOh, até o amanhecerQuem é que vai ser acalanto agora?Agora, agora que eu não … Continuar lendo Acalanto – LUEDJI LUNA

Simply beautiful – Al Green If I gave you my love,I tell you what I'd doI'd expect a whole lot of love out of you You gotta be good to meI'm gonna be good to youThere's a whole lot of things you and ICould doHey hey Hey hey hey Simply beautiful, simply beautiful, simplyBeautifulSimply beautiful, simply beautiful, simplyBeautifulSimply beautiful … Continuar lendo Simply beautiful – Al Green

Be my baby – The Ronettes The night we metI knew I needed you soAnd if I ever had the (chance)I'd never let you goSo won't you say you love meI'll make you so proud of meWe'll make 'em turn their headsEvery place we goSo won't you pleaseBe my, be my (baby)Be my little babyMy one and only (baby)Say you'll … Continuar lendo Be my baby – The Ronettes

Last night I heard a screaming – Tracy Chapman

Heart-breaking acapella about such a common social problem: domestic violence (especially in poorer layers of society, especially against women). All the more in times of pandemics and quarentine... Thank you, goddess Tracy, for your music! 🙏 Last night I heard the screaming Loud voices behind the wall Another sleepless night for me It won't … Continuar lendo Last night I heard a screaming – Tracy Chapman

Please don’t go – KC & The Sunshine Band I love you Yeah Babe, I love you so I want you to know That I'm going to miss your love The minute you walk out that door So please don't go Don't go Don't go away Please don't go Don't go I'm begging you to stay If you leave At least in my … Continuar lendo Please don’t go – KC & The Sunshine Band