Nervous Breakdown – BLACK FLAG I'm aboutTo have a nervous breakdownMy head really hurtsIf I don't find a way out of hereI'm gonna go berserk 'cuzI'm crazy and I'm hurtHead on my shouldersIt's going...berserk I hear the same old talk talk talkThe same old linesDon't do me that today, yeahIf you know what's good for you you'll get out… Continue lendo Nervous Breakdown – BLACK FLAG

Another life – ROLLINS BAND

Tenho muitos ídolos musicais. Um deles, além disso, é também meu psicólogo de escolha. Este me conhece melhor do que eu mesmo. Escutá-lo é uma terapia, a melhor forma, mais eficaz, de anger management, sem efeitos colaterais. You must think you're going to live forever I listen to the lies as they fall from… Continue lendo Another life – ROLLINS BAND

Low self-opinion – ROLLINS BAND I think you got a low self opinion man I see you standing all by yourself Unable to express the pain of your distress You withdraw deeper inside You alienate yourself, And everybody else They wonder what's on your mind They got so tired of you And your self ridicule They wrote you off… Continue lendo Low self-opinion – ROLLINS BAND