Shane Hawkins joined Foo Fighters as drummer to perform "My Hero" at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert. Too alarmin' now to talk aboutTake your pictures down and shake it outTruth or consequence, say it aloudUse that evidence, race it around There goes my heroWatch him as he goesThere goes my heroHe's ordinary Don't the… Continue lendo FOO FIGHTERS & SHANE HAWKINS – My Hero (live)

THE CHATS – Pub Feed

"Pub Feed" is taken from The Chats' High Risk Behaviour album (2020). Hanging out, having a punt'Cause my rent's due at the end of the monthGettin' hungry, I'm fangin' a feedSomething greasy, gravy and meat All I want and all I needAll I crave is a good pub feedAll I want and all I… Continue lendo THE CHATS – Pub Feed


Mdou Moctar (also M.dou Mouktar) is a Tuareg songwriter and musician based in Agadez, Niger, who performs modern rock music inspired by Tuareg guitar music. His music first gained attention through a trading network of mobile phones and memory cards in West Africa. He sings in the Tamasheq language. Moctar's fourth album, Ilana: The Creator,… Continue lendo MDOU MOCTAR – Live on KEXP from THING

JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS – I Hate Myself For Loving You

From Joan Jett's Up Your Alley (1988) Midnight, gettin' uptight, where are you?You said you'd meet me, now it's quarter to twoI know I'm hangin' but I'm still wantin' you Hey Jack, it's a fact they're talkin' in townI turn my back and you're messin' aroundI'm not getting jealous, don't like lookin' like a… Continue lendo JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS – I Hate Myself For Loving You

CONCRETE BLONDE – Heal It Up (live on Jon Stewart)

Concrete Blonde was an American alternative rock band from Hollywood, California. They were initially active from 1982 to 1995, and reunited twice: first from 2001 to 2004, and again from 2010 to 2012. They were best known for their album Bloodletting (1990), its top 20 single "Joey", and Johnette Napolitano's distinctive vocal style. Feeling… Continue lendo CONCRETE BLONDE – Heal It Up (live on Jon Stewart)

REPUBLICA – Ready To Go (live 2013)

Republica perform their hit single "Ready to go" live @ the Phoenix FM Creative Sessions, Brentwood Centre, Brentwood, Essex - Saturday 13 April 2013. Ready to goReady to go You're weird, in tearsToo near and too far awayHe said, "Saw red"Went home, stayed in bed all dayYour T-shirts dish dirtAlways love the one you… Continue lendo REPUBLICA – Ready To Go (live 2013)

GOLEM – Chervona Ruta (Червона рута)

NYC klezmer-rock band Golem performs Ukrainian song "Chervona Ruta." "Chervona Ruta" (Червона рута) is a popular Ukrainian song written by Volodymyr Ivasyuk in 1968. Chervona ruta (Monarda) (Ukrainian: Червона рута) may refer to a mythological or actual species of flowering plants in the rue genus of the citrus family, Rutaceae, or the rhododendron genus of… Continue lendo GOLEM – Chervona Ruta (Червона рута)


From the new album TMV I know the way he makes you hide Even when the dose is fight or flight And the obits wait for a perfect name Clean out all the webs he left behind And if you want, I could bury him out By the salt on sea, in an empty graveThe past has a way of coming… Continue lendo THE MARS VOLTA – Vigil

SONIC YOUTH – Drunken Butterfly

From Sonic Youth's album Dirty (1992) Smart like a sun, back over timeCrazy on you, pleasure is mine I love you, I love you, I love you, what's your name?I love you, I love you, I love you, what's your name? You're coming through, even it upGoing too far, try understand I love you,… Continue lendo SONIC YOUTH – Drunken Butterfly


From the Rolling Stones' album Aftermath (1966) Under my thumbThe girl who once had me downUnder my thumbThe girl who once pushed me around It's down to meThe difference in the clothes she wearsDown to me, the change has comeShe's under my thumb And ain't it the truth babe? Under my thumbIt's a squirmin'… Continue lendo THE ROLLING STONES – Under My Thumb