ESTRADASPHERE – Corporate Merger (live)

"Corporate Merger" is taken from Palace of Mirrors (2006) Palace of Mirrors is the fourth and final full-length album by Estradasphere. It was released on September 19, 2006. Estradasphere was an American experimental band that originated in Santa Cruz, California, during the late 1990s. The band, which in its last incarnation was based in… Continue lendo ESTRADASPHERE – Corporate Merger (live)

ESTRADASPHERE – Meteorite Showers (live)

From the album Buck Fever (2001) Taken from the "These Are The Days VHS," check out some vintage old-school Estradasphere with the original lineup still intact. This performance was from 14 Below in Santa Monica, California. In Salem place andwondering what the hell was thatmovie that Shaun-D got kidnapped atwhat was he watchin'when Bart… Continue lendo ESTRADASPHERE – Meteorite Showers (live)

ATOMIC APE – Live at The Hideaway Bar & Grill, Sacramento (2017) ATOMIC APE are an American band formed by Jason Schimmel (Estradasphere), as an evolution from Orange Tulip Conspiracy. Jason is the former bassist from Secret Chiefs 3 and has spent 4 years working in this project with a collection of 25 musicians. Among them Mimicry-familiar names like Trey Spruance, Eyvind Kang, Tim Young, Devin… Continue lendo ATOMIC APE – Live at The Hideaway Bar & Grill, Sacramento (2017)

RED FICTION – Clone 13

from Visions of the Void available at Tzadik Records. Tzadik Records is a record label in New York City that specializes in avant-garde and experimental music. The label was established by composer and saxophonist John Zorn in 1995. MUSICIANS-Jason Schimmel - composer, guitar, rhodes, synthsRyan Parrish - tenor saxophone, bass clarinetTrevor Parrish - trumpetRusty… Continue lendo RED FICTION – Clone 13

ESTRADASPHERE – Super Mario medley (live)

Estradasphere @ The Catalyst, Santa Cruz CA, on Nov 19, 1999. Medley of songs from "Super Mario Bros." Live band featuring: Tim Smolens, Timb Harris, Dave Murray, John Whooley, and Jason Schimmel. This performance features rare annoying keyboard parts for this song.

ESTRADASPHERE – Hungerstrike (live)

Set aside 30 minutes and watch Estradasphere perform their most classic song during one of their final tours. Interactive video magic by Chip Yamada. Estradasphere is an avant-garde, experimental music group from Santa Cruz, California, formed the late 1990s. The band, which in its last incarnation was based in Seattle, consisted of six multi-instrumentalists… Continue lendo ESTRADASPHERE – Hungerstrike (live)

ESTRADASPHERE – Bernard Hermann’s Hitchcock score (live in Portugal)

This video is from Portugal but the audio was recorded in Seattle (don't expect them to be in sync!). In 2007 Estradasphere traveled as a trio to Europe. In this unearthed VHS video they are playing a Bernard Herrmann soundtrack to a Hitchcock film in the city hall of Lamego Portugal with the mayor of… Continue lendo ESTRADASPHERE – Bernard Hermann’s Hitchcock score (live in Portugal)

Pote Then Inaiarga / Proxer – Jason Schimmel’s RED FICTION

Ghettoblaster, November 12, 2020 Red Fiction founded in 2012 by Jason Schimmel in Los Angeles, California and has two prior releases under the Atomic Ape moniker: a full length album, Swarm, and 7” vinyl, Rampage, were both released in 2014 on Web of Mimicry. Jason Schimmel, who plays guitar, keyboard and bouzouki in Red Fiction is also… Continue lendo Pote Then Inaiarga / Proxer – Jason Schimmel’s RED FICTION

Palace of Mirrors (live) – ESTRADASPHERE Palace of Mirrors is the fifth and final full-length album by Estradasphere. It was released on September 19, 2006. "Title" – 0:34"Palace of Mirrors" – 3:41"A Corporate Merger" – 8:16"The Terrible Beautypower of Meow" – 4:01"Colossal Risk" – 4:36"The Unfolding Pause on the Threshold" – 4:17"Smuggled Mutation" – 4:48"Six Hands" – 1:12"The Debutante" –… Continue lendo Palace of Mirrors (live) – ESTRADASPHERE

MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack One*​: Halloween

MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack One*: Bereshith by Secret Chiefs 3 Warm greetings to the curious listener, Trey Spruance writing here.Thanks for all the positive feedback for this idea! Here we are with the first Geek Pack, thanks to you! First off, for those who are curious about this (but not THAT curious!) I've enabled public… Continue lendo MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack One*​: Halloween