Paran (live) – JOHN ZORN’S MASADA

Masada String Project, Bar Kokhba and Masada live in Warsaw Summer Jazz Days '99. All bands were founded by the avant-garde jazz musician, composer and arranger John Zorn. - querty Masada: John Zorn - Alto SaxophoneGreg Cohen - Double BassDave Douglas - TrumpetJoey Baron - Drums

MOONCHILD live @ Moers Festival (2013) Moonchild - Templars: In Sacred Blood (live at Moers Festival, 17 May 2013) Setlist: 00:19​ Templi Secretum06:00​ Evocation of Baphomet12:12​ Murder of the Magicians16:30​ Prophetic Souls22:31​ Libera Me26:13​ A Second Sanctuary31:10​ Recordatio35:45​ Secret Ceremony Mike Patton: voiceJohn Medeski: pianoTrevor Dunn: bassJoey Baron: drumsJohn Zorn: cond

Dostoyevski – JOHN ZORN’s Song Project ft. Mike Patton @ La Villette Jazz Festival (2013) Sofia Rei : chantJesse Harris : chantMarc Ribot : guitareJohn Medeski : pianoTrevor Dunn : basseKenny Wollesen : vibraphoneCyro Baptista : percussionsJoey Baron : batterie

JOHN ZORN – Jazz in Marciac (2010) This is some golden footage here... Pro-shot by Mezzo and the Jazz in Marciac Team. Some of the top musicians in the field. John Zorn - direction, saxophoneMarc Ribot - guitarJamie Saft - piano, orgueTrevor Dunn - bassKenny Wollesen - vibraphoneJoey Baron - drumsCyro Baptista - percussion