PRETENDERS & IGGY POP – Candy (live)

"Candy" is a song from Iggy Pop's ninth solo album, Brick by Brick (1990). A duet with Kate Pierson of the B-52's, it was the album's second single. It became the biggest mainstream hit of Pop's career, as he reached the top 40 in the United States for the first and only time. The song… Continue lendo PRETENDERS & IGGY POP – Candy (live)


IGGY POP – Bitten by Flea!

Watch Iggy Pop and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea in conversation in new mini-documentary. The 'Bitten By Flea!' film also features insight from producer Andrew Watt Iggy Pop has shared a new mini-documentary that features an in-depth conversation with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea – watch below. The 26-minute film, titled Bitten By… Continue lendo IGGY POP – Bitten by Flea!

MINISTRY – Search and Destroy

MINISTRY release new single and video; cover of The Stooges hit "SEARCH AND DESTROY" featuring guitarist Billy Morrison from new album MORAL HYGIENE out now via Nuclear Blast Records! Video by DEAN KARR. DamnHey, heyHey, hey I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalmI'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Search and Destroy

Corruption – IGGY POP Iggy Pop official video for “Corruption”, from the album Avenue B (1999). From the drip drip drip of the teardropsTo the chink chink chink of the cashTo the end end end of the friendshipsTo the wack wack wack of the bashCorruption corruption corruptionRules my soulCorruption corruption corruptionRules my soulFrom the tick tick tick of… Continue lendo Corruption – IGGY POP

Lust For Life – IGGY POP

In Lust We Trust. Here comes Johnny Yen againWith the liquor and drugsAnd a flesh machineHe's gonna do another striptease Hey man, where'd you get that lotion?I've been hurting since I bought the gimmickAbout something called loveYeah, something called loveWell, that's like hypnotizing chickens Well, I'm just a modern guyOf course, I've had it… Continue lendo Lust For Life – IGGY POP

Loves Missing – IGGY POP She's thinkingAbout something we all needall needClocks tickingnot giving her room to breatherto breatheLoves screaming Loves missing Loves screamingSo quietly and in painLoves absentit's failing her once againagainLoves screaming Loves screaming Dark futureshe just needs someone to sayto sayI love youbefore she gets pushed awayLoves absent Loves absentthe centre won't hold the endsLoves absentsnd… Continue lendo Loves Missing – IGGY POP

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Dylan Thomas) – IGGY POP Do not go gentle into that good nightDylan Thomas (1914-1953) Do not go gentle into that good night,Old age should burn and rave at close of day;Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right,Because their words had forked no lightning theyDo not go gentle into… Continue lendo Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Dylan Thomas) – IGGY POP

Reload (1999) – TOM JONES & FRIENDS Track listing No.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Burning Down the House" (with The Cardigans)David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison3:402."Mama Told Me Not to Come" (with Stereophonics)Randy Newman3:023."Are You Gonna Go My Way" (with Robbie Williams)Lenny Kravitz, Craig Ross3:444."All Mine" (with The Divine Comedy)Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons, Adrian Utley4:125."Sunny Afternoon" (with Space)Ray Davies4:156."I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone" (with James Dean Bradfield)Stan Kesler, William E. Taylor3:097."Sex Bomb" (with Mousse T.)Mousse T., Errol Rennalls3:508."You Need Love Like I Do" (with Heather… Continue lendo Reload (1999) – TOM JONES & FRIENDS