Greetings Family,

We are so happy to share our latest single “MAMA’ with you all from our upcoming album.

This is a song of reverence for our Mother, our Home, our Earth. Our prayer is that this song will inspire a deeper connection to walk with humility and respect for this great life that we have been gifted and are a part of.

We had the great pleasure of filming this video on the island of Maui, Hawaii and would like to offer our deepest gratitude for this land and to those who have walked there before us.

This project of creating a music video, as well as writing and developing this song has been an incredibly growth provoking journey. Our prayers, love and learnings have been poured into this creation.

Earth is my body
Water is my blood
Air is my breath
Fire is my spirit

I feel the earth calling us home, back to the heart to the wild unknown, humbled and gracious is where we belong, one family one tribe can we all get along. We call on the stars the rivers and trees, we learn from the mountains, the birds and the bees, we gather this sangha our roots grow down deep, beneath the surface beyond our beliefs.
We can come home children don’t be afraid, life is your teacher so don’t run away, stay wild and free raise your hands up and pray, this is our moment there’s only today.
Hey mamacita show us the way, we’ll no longer hide from the shadows and pain, we are alive, we are awake, we are the open and this is our faith.

Tierra, mi cuerpo
Agua, mi sangre
Aire, mi aliento
Y fuego, mi espíritu

I feel the Earth beneath my feet
I feel the life, within her leaves
I feel her song, in the rain that falls
I feel the warmth in her heart that calls

Hey Mama Hey Mama Hey

Tierra, mi cuerpo
Agua, mi sangre
Aire, mi aliento
Y fuego, mi espíritu

You can now stream/download this song from all online stores.

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With Love – Sam Garrett and Mollie Mendoza

Sam Garrett:…

Mollie Mendoza: &.

With huge thanks –

Cinematography by Nick Waraksa –
Cinematography by Jerad Hobaugh of Picaflor Films –
Editing by Bryan Mir and Nick Waraksa.

Song Credits –

Song written by Sam Garrett and Mollie Mendoza.
Song produced by Leon Marley Itzler, Sam Garrett and Mollie Mendoza.
Song Mastered by Ru Lemer.
Flute – Sri Ram
Violin – Brahmdev
Percussion – Regina
Rhythm Backing vocals – Jennifer Kae and Hannah Jade Browne


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