UUHAI & HURD – Uuhai

Blend globalized rock music with the UNESCO-registered cultural legacies of Mongolian throat singing, long song, and horse-head fiddle music in creating Mongolian rock metal songs while uniting fans in shouts of “hoo-rah”.

Through impressive displays of power, using a tidal wave of “uuhai”, or “hoo-rah” in English, chants shouted in unison raised up to the blue sky, sun, moon, stars, earth, mountains, and waters, heroic men of ancient times have a long history of uniting their voices to increase their intensity as they forged into battle with little regard for their own lives. Shouting “uuhai” in unison has roots as a spiritual mantra as a sign of goodwill leading to good fortune and was used as a way of releasing energy, emboldening one’s spirits and stimulating the elements of one’s body.

UUHAI are:

TS. Saruul / Vocals, iron ore, accordion
B. Zorigoo / morin khuur, khoomei
D. Shinetsog-Geni / Morin khuur, khoomei
D. Batbayar / percussion
D. Otgonbaatar / drums, songwriter, composer, producer


HURD (Mongolian: Хурд, “speed”) is a Mongolian rock band. Formed in 1987 as Skorost (Russian: Скорость, also “speed”) by drummer Dambyn Ganbayar, Hurd is considered the first band to have introduced the heavy metal genre into the Mongolian music landscape. Along with Chingis Khaan, Haranga or Niciton, they are considered “veterans” of the Mongolian pop rock scene, and, as such, they have greatly contributed to its diversification and encouraged the emergence of many new rock acts.


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