SKAFISH – Disgracing The Family Name

Skafish is an American, Chicago-based punk band, fronted by Jim Skafish, cousin of Chicago area DJ Bobby Skafish. The band was formed in 1976 and had their first performance that November.

In 1977, Billboard magazine printed a review of the band’s performance as the opening act for Sha Na Na at Chicago’s Arie Crown Theater. Finding Skafish to be a “peculiar appetizer for the straight, conservative crowd” that Sha Na Na attracted, the reviewer stated that “large numbers retreated to the lobby halfway through Skafish’s set, while others approached the stage, threatening with missiles, gestures and denunciations.” Jim Skafish himself was described as “a 20-year-old musician from Gary, Indiana, who appears to be in transition between man and woman … dressed androgynously, hair in a pageboy,” who at one point in the show “strips down to a woman’s bathing suit and nervously applies lipstick to the face.” While describing the band’s music as “strange, inward-directed lyrics [set] to a repetitious and often dissonant accompaniment”, the reviewer noted that Skafish “gave the impression that he had something to tell the audience about itself. … Yet it remains to be seen whether Skafish has something to say and to whom.”


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