Can The Average Non-Musician Play a Groove? – ZACK GROOVES

Drumeo Awards:…

So incredibly honored to be included on that list among those beasts. You guys’ support means everything! DM your vote on instagram @ZackGrooves to be entered into the snare drum giveaway!

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed filming it! We didn’t record every single interaction but this was fun…going outside and stuff…. lol

LOVE U GUYS (and 4.9% girls)

Artist for @Vic Firth, @Dixon Drums, and @MEINL Cymbals – Official Product Videos


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Songs Used:
Background: @Beats By Con – White Christmas
80s Workout Song –…

Outro: ZackGrooves – Outro

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Favorite Drum Sticks:

Monophonic Ride:
24 inch Big Apple:
18inch Vintage Pure:
20 inch Dark Trash Crash (Yum):
20 inch Foundry Reserve light:

16″ Extra dry top hat(TOP) :
16″ Dual Trash Crash (BOTTOM) :
10″ dual splash (BOTTOM) :


Drum Heads:
All Heads for All Shells in one pack:
Kick Drum 20inch:
Kick Drum 22inch:

Drum Mics:
When I using only One Microphone for my drums:

When Im using all my Mics:

Cymbal Bag:

Drum Throne:

Bass Pedal (Single):

If you’re in the states and would like to call for anything on the site. Hit my boy Nick up! Just call 1-800-222-4700. His extension is 1796. TELL HIM ZACK SENT YA.

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