Behind The Board: Faith No More “The Real Thing” with Matt Wallace

We trusted each other and we did it for the right reasons. We didn’t expect any kind of success, and we certainly didn’t expect it to blow up. It never occurred to us that would happen. At least to me. They thought it was a pop record. There’s an honesty to that record, that was palpable. And people heard it: these guys mean it. There’s no artifice on the record, there’s no false notes, it’s all genuine. Even our missteps. I think because we were honest, it was so successful.

The thing I like about making records, is that you can be in a room with somebody at the moment of creation… Music at its base level is entertainment, but in the right circumstance, with the right lyric at the right moment, I think it’s essential, and I’ve heard this from enough people, that certain songs had people decide to live another day. That has actually happened. To be part of that is incredible.

Matt Wallace on producing Faith No More’s breakthrough, award-winning, platinum album “The Real Thing” (1989)

Is the best music the kind that pushes boundaries and digs deep emotionally? Producer Matt Wallace believes this is the kind of music that’s worth making daily.

Inspired by his early exposure to the military radio station, the Far East Network, and his discovery of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Matt put his stamp on music that helped shape a generation through his work with artists including Faith No More, Maroon 5, O.A.R., The Replacements, and Train.

In this brand new episode of “Behind the Board,” Matt Wallace takes us through select tracks from Faith No More’s groundbreaking third studio album, The Real Thing.

Watch the full video to learn how Matt found himself working with the band and how they arrived at the unique blend of muscular guitars and melodic keyboards that earned two Grammy nominations and saw The Real Thing go platinum.

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