Is this the life? – CARDIACS

In love with the CARDIACS. And to find out they also compose powerfully melodic songs, devoid of weirdness or patheticness (which I deeply love), even potentially commercial if I may say so. Experimentalisms aside, my current CARDIACS obsession is this rather conventional track: “Is this the life?”, from the Sing to God album (vol. 1). Such a catchy, dark, beautiful tune! But then again, a ‘regular’ one. I enjoy feeling at ease here, in this musical comfort zone, and then remembering that all around it it’s only vertigo…
CARDIACS: by far my greatest discovery in 2020.

Following around to see a life that’s never in
Always calling itself on its own phone
Though its never quite at home in the world today

See it to arranging the day
Prepared in its own special way
With added loving care
Though its not been there since yesterday

Looking so hard for a cause
And it don’t care what it is
And never really ever seeing eye to eye
Though it doesn’t really mind

Perhaps that’s why It never really saw
Never really saw

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