The beginning of the cult for the music of Hildegard von Bingen started with a CD of the British label Hyperion in the 80-ties and ever since it enjoys a huge popularity: the Mystic from the Middle Ages wrote heavenly music, which till today holds its spell over every audience, whether laymen or connoisseur. The magic is unexplainable, one has to experience the power and beauty in solitude.

Composer: Hildegard Von Bingen. Artists: Barbara Zanichelli, Ensemble San Felice, Federico Bardazzi

The religious Hildegard von Bingen was known as ‘The Sybil of the Rhine’ on account of her visions, translated into music with prophetic charisma. This disc presents two sides of Hildegard, an instrument and a mirror, reflecting her divine revelations, through the sound of her words both spoken and sung.

The performances are from a specialised early-music ensemble, based in Florence, who have undertaken study of the original manuscripts and (perhaps more unusually) performed the music in public before making this testament to the art of one of music’s most singular women, who is still perhaps more famed for her life than her music.


  1. Hildegard Von Bingen: ANTIPHONA: O Orzchis Ecclesia 67, In dedicatione Ecclesiae (IV): PSALMUS 94 AD INVITATORIUM: Venite, exultemus Domino
  2. Hildegard Von Bingen: I ANTIPHONA: O coruscans lux 68 (IV): PSALMUS 10: In Domino confido
  3. Hildegard Von Bingen: II ANTIPHONA: O pulchrae facies 38 De virginibus (IV): PSALMUS 1: Beatus vir
  4. Hildegard Von Bingen: III ANTIPHONA: Nunc Gaudeant 57, In dedicatione Ecclesiae (VI): PSALMUS 86: Fundamenta ejus in montibus sanctis
  5. Hildegard Von Bingen: VERSICULUM: Diffusa est gratia in labiis tuis
  6. Hildegard Von Bingen: BENEDICTIO I, LECTIO I: De Libro divinorum operum
  7. Hildegard Von Bingen: RESPONSORIUM I: Nobilissima viriditas 39 Item de virginibus (VI)
  8. Hildegard Von Bingen: BENEDICTIO II, LECTIO II: De Libro divinorum operum
  9. Hildegard Von Bingen: RESPONSORIUM II: O vos imitatores excelsae personae (VI)
  10. Hildegard Von Bingen: BENEDICTIO III, LECTIO III: De Libro divinorum operum
  11. Hildegard Von Bingen: RESPONSORIUM III: O felix anima 64 (III)
  12. Hildegard Von Bingen: ORATIO: Deus, qui beatam Hildegardem Virginem tuam


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